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Realistic Fiction

NOTE: This page is not being updated as of August 2010. We hope to resume updates once the Education Librarian position is filled.

Realistic Fiction is most often based in the present or recent past and usually centers on contemporary characters facing adventures or dealing with serious social issues, such as divorce, abuse, and grief. Well-written realistic fiction, with convincing characters, can assist young readers in dealing with the challenges of modern life. The following titles can be found in the Instructional Materials Center; many others are available by searching the online catalog. Some awards for realistic fiction include the Schneider Family Award, the Alex Awards and the Michael L. Printz Awards.   

  • Ada, A. F.  Under the royal palms.  Bio A191a
  • Alcott, L.  Little women.  Fic A355L2
  • Ammon, R.  An Amish wedding.  392.5 A521a
  • Ancona, G.  Barrio: Jose's neighborhood.  979.4 A542b
  • Avi.  Blue heron.  Fic A957b
  • Ayres, K.  Family tree.  Fic A985f
  • Bamls. K.  And if the moon could talk.  Fic B2182a
  • Bauer, M. D.  On my honor.  Fic B344o
  • Bridgers, S. E.  All together now.  Fic B851a
  • Bridgers, S. E.  Notes for another life.  Fic B851n
  • Brooks, B.  What hearts.  Fic B8733w
  • Bunting, E.  Smoky night.  Fic B941s
  • Bunting, E.  The wall.  Fic B941wa
  • Byars, B.  The animal, the vegetable, and John D. Jones.  
    Fic B993an
  • Byars, B.  The burning questions of Bingo Brown.  
    Fic B993bu
  • Byars, B.  Cracker Jackson.  Fic B993cr
  • Byars, B.  The house of wings.  Fic B993h
  • Byars, B.  The pinballs.  Fic B993p
  • Caines, J. F.  Abby.  Fic C135a
  • Carling, A. L.  Mama and Papa have a store.  Fic C2825m
  • Cherry, L.  The shaman's apprentice.  Fic C5224s
  • Childress, A.  A hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich.  Fic C5369h
  • Christiansen, C. B.  I see the moon.  Fic C5546i
  • Cleary, B.  Beezus and Ramona.  Fic C622b
  • Cleary, B.  Dear Mr. Henshaw.  Fic C622d
  • Cleary, B.  Ramona and her father.  Fic C622ra
  • Cleary, B.  Strider.  Fic C622st
  • Cleaver, V.  Me too.  Fic C623me
  • Cleaver, V.  Trial valley.  Fic C623t
  • Clifton, L.  My friend Jacob.  Fic C639m
  • Coman, C.  What Jamie saw.  Fic C728w
  • Conly, J. L.  Trout summer.  Fic C7524t
  • Cosby, B.  The day I saw my father cry.  Fic C8335dis
  • Creech, S.  Chasing Redbird.  Fic C9125c
  • Davol, M. W.  Black, white, just right!  Fic D266b
  • DeFelice, C.  Nowhere to call home.  Fic D313n
  • Fenner, C.  The king of dragons.  Fic F3356k
  • Fitzhugh, L.  Nobody's family is going to change.  Fic F555n
  • Fleischman, S.  Jim ugly.  Fic F596ji
  • Fletcher, R.  Fig pudding.  Fic F614f
  • Fox, P.  Monkey island.  Fic F793mon
  • Fox, P.  Western wind.  Fic F793w
  • Gantos, J.  Joey Pigza swallowed the key.  Fic G211js
  • Gardiner, J. R.  Stone fox.  Fic G222s
  • George, J. C.  Julie of the wolves.  Fic G3485j
  • George, J. C.  My side of the mountain.  Fic G3485m
  • Hall, L.  Just one friend.  Fic H177j
  • Hamilton, V.  Sweet whispers, brother Rush.  Fic H2215s
  • Heap, S.  Cowboy baby.  Fic H434c
  • Henkes, K.  Words of stone.  Fic H513w
  • Hesse, K.  Just Juice.  Fic H5875j
  • Holman, F.  Slake's limbo.  Fic H747s
  • Hunt, I.  The lottery rose.  Fic H941
  • Johnson, J.  Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me.  Fic J725a
  • Jukes, M.  Like Jake and me.  Fic J933L
  • Kinsey-Warnock, N.  The Canada geese quilt.  Fic K565c
  • Klein, N.  Mom, the wolf man, and me.  Fic K64m
  • Knight, M. B.  Who belongs here?  305.895 K71w
  • Konigsburg, E. L.  The view from Saturday.  Fic K82v
  • Krauss, R.  The happy day.  Fic K915h
  • Little, J.  Mine for keeps.  Fic L778m
  • Luenn, N.  A gift for Abuelita.  Fic L935g
  • Lunn, J.  The root cellar.  Fic L9635r
  • MacLachlan, P.  Journey.  Fic M1606j
  • Mann, P.  My dad lives in a downtown hotel.  Fic M282m
  • Mazer, N. F.  Out of control.  Fic M476o
  • Mead, A.  Junebug.  Fic M4795j
  • Merrill, J.  The pushcart war.  Fic M571p
  • Merrill, J.  The toothpaste millionaire.  Fic M571t
  • Myers, W. D.  Fast Sam, cool Clyde, and Stuff.  Fic M9958f
  • Myers, W. D.  Glory field.  Fic M9958g
  • Myers, W. D.  Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid.  Fic M9958me
  • Myers, W. D.  Scorpions.  Fic M9958s
  • Myers, W. D.  Somewhere in the darkness.  Fic M9958so
  • Naylor, P. R.  Shiloh.  Fic N333sh
  • Nikola-Lisa, W.  Bein' with you this way.  811.54 N6937b
  • Paterson, K.  The flip-flop girl.  Fic P296f
  • Paterson, K.  The great Gilly Hopkins.  Fic P296g
  • Paulsen, G.  The cookcamp.  Fic P332co
  • Paulsen, G.  Hatchet.  Fic P332h
  • Paulsen, G.  The river.  Fic P332ri
  • Paulsen, G.  Tracker.  Fic P332t
  • Peck, R.  A long way from Chicago.  Fic P367Lo
  • Pinkney, G. J.  The Sunday outing.  Fic P6548s
  • Polacco, P.  Mrs. Katz and Tush.  Fic P762mr
  • Powell, R.  Dean Duffy.  Fic P8855d
  • Rodowsky, C.  Not my dog.  Fic R695n
  • Rylant, C.  Missing May.  Fic R994m
  • Sachar, L.  Holes.  Fic S1197h
  • Sebestyen, O.  Out of nowhere.  Fic S443o
  • Shulevitz, U.  Snow.  Fic S562s
  • Shyer, M. F.  Welcome home, Jellybean.  Fic S5627w
  • Slepian, J.  The Alfred summer.  Fic S6325a
  • Smith, D. B.  A taste of blackberries.  Fic S645t
  • Smith, D. B.  Kelly's creek.  Fic S645k
  • Smith, D. B.  Return to Bitter Creek.  Fic S645r
  • Sobol, H. L.  My brother Steven is retarded.  362.7 S677m
  • Soto, G.  Baseball in April and other stories.  Fic S718b
  • Soto, G.  Buried onions.  Fic S718bu
  • Spinelli, J.  Maniac Magee.  Fic S7555m
  • Spinelli, J.  Wringer.  Fic S7555w
  • Stanley, D.  Raising Sweetness.  Fic S7878ra
  • Steig, W.  Pete's a pizza.  Fic S818p
  • Temple, F.  Tonight, by sea.  Fic T285t
  • Viorst, J.  Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good,
    very bad day.  Fic V7987aa
  • Voight, C.  Dicey's song.  Fic V8889d
  • Voight, C.  Homecoming.  Fic V8889h
  • Voight, C.  The runner.  Fic V8889r
  • Voight, C.  When she hollers.  Fic V8889w
  • Weaver, W.  Farm team.  Fic W3635f
  • Weaver, W.  Striking out.  Fic W3635s
  • Wells, R.  Yoko.  Fic W4557y
  • White, R.  Belle Prater's boy.  Fic W5873b
  • Woodson, J.  I hadn't meant to tell you this.  Fic W898i
  • Woodson, J.  Lena.  Fic W898L
  • Yep, L.  Child of the owl.  Fic Y47c
  • Yolen, J.  Raising Yoder's barn.  Fic Y54r
  • Zimmerman, A.  Trashy town.  Fic Z725t

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