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Science Fiction 

NOTE: This page is not being updated as of August 2010. We hope to resume updates once the Education Librarian position is filled.

Science fiction in children's literature is characterized by the imagined impact of science on society, speculation about the future, scientific possibility and technological advancement.  Think of robots, aliens and spaceships, ecological disasters.... some examples are listed below but you can find many more in the online catalog. Awards for children's and young adult science fiction include the Golden Duck Awards and the Andre Norton Awards.

  • Alexie, Sherman.  Flight.  Fic A384f
  • Anderson, M. T.  Whales on stilts.  Fic A5481w
  • Asimov, Isaac.  I, Robot.  Fic A832i2
  • Butterworth, Oliver.  The enormous egg.  Fic B9878e
  • Card, Orson Scott.  Ender's shadow.  Fic C266es
  • Christopher, John.  The white mountains.  Fic C556wh
  • Dickinson, Peter.  Eva.  Fic D553ev
  • Eldred, Tim.  Grease monkey.  Fic E378g
  • Farmer, Nancy.  The house of the scorpion.  Fic F2328h
  • Gutman, Dan.  The homework machine.  Fic G9848h
  • Hebson, Denny.  Robots everywhere.  Fic H446r
  • Jinks, Catherine.  Evil genius.  Fic J618e
  • Joyce, William.  Rolie Polie Olie.  Fic J896r
  • Klause, Annette.  Alien secrets.  Fic K635a
  • Koontz, Dean.  Robot Santa.  Fic K8285r
  • Kostick, Conor.  Epic.  Fic K868e
  • L'Engle, Madeleine.  A wrinkle in time.  Fic L566wr2
  • Logue, Mary.  Dancing with an alien.  Fic L8325d
  • McGhee, Alison.  Mrs. Watson wants your teeth.  Fic M1445m
  • Nelson, O. T.  The girl who owned a city.  Fic N4285g
  • Norton, Andre.  Moon of three rings.  Fic N882mo
  • O'Brien, Robert.  Z for Zachariah.  Fic O13z
  • O'Brien, Robert.  Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH.  Fic O13m
  • O'Malley, Kevin.  Captain Raptor and the space pirates.  Fic O543c
  • Pfeffer, Susan.  Life as we knew it.  Fic P524L
  • Rex, Adam.  The true meaning of Smekday.  Fic R455t
  • Selznick, Brian.  The invention of Hugo Cabret.  Fic S469i
  • Shusterman, Neal.  The dark side of nowhere.  Fic S5626d
  • Sleator, William.  Interstellar pig.  Fic S632i
  • Slobodkin, Louis.  Space ship in the park.  Fic S6345sp
  • Stewart, Trenton.  The mysterious Benedict Society.  Fic S85194m
  • Varon, Sara.  Robot dreams.  Fic V323r

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