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Wordless Picture Books

NOTE: This page is not being updated as of August 2010. We hope to resume updates once the Education Librarian position is filled.

Wordless picture books provide an opportunity for young children to exercise their imaginations, and are particularly appealing to today's visual learners. The following titles can be found in the Instructional Materials Center, Bailey Library; others can be locating using the online catalog.

  • Anno.  Anno's counting book.  513.5 A615a
  • Aruego, Jose.  We hide, you seek.  Fic A792w
  • Baker, Jeannie.  Window.  Fic B16753w
  • Bang, Molly.  The grey lady and the strawberry snatcher.  Fic B216g
  • Blake, Quentin.  Clown.  Fic B636c
  • Briggs, Raymond.  The snowman.  Fic B854s
  • Crews, Donald.  Freight train.  Fic C927f
  • De Paola, Tomie.  The hunter and the animals.  Fic D419h
  • Drescher, Henrik.  The yellow umbrella.  Fic D773y
  • Gladstone, Lise.  The inside kid.  Fic G543i
  • Goodall, John.  The adventures of Paddy Pork.  Fic G646a
  • Goodall, John.  The ballooning adventures of Paddy Pork.  Fic G646b
  • Goodall, John.  The creepy castle.  Fic G646c
  • Goodall, John.  An Edwardian Christmas.  Fic G646e
  • Goodall, John.  Midnight adventures of Kelly, Dot, and Esmerelda.  Fic G646m
  • Goodall, John.  Paddy Pork's holiday.  Fic G646p
  • Goodall, John.  Naughty Nancy.  Fic G646n
  • Goodall, John.  The surprise picnic.  Fic G646s
  • Mayer, Mercer.  A boy, a dog, a frog.  Fic M468bo
  • Mayer, Mercer.  Frog goes to dinner.  Fic M468fr
  • Mayer, Mercer.  Frog, where are you?  Fic M468fw
  • Popov, Nikolai.  Why?  Fic P829w
  • Rohrmann, Eric.  Time flies.  Fic R738t
  • Tafuri, Nancy.  Have you seen my duckling?  Fic T124h
  • Tafuri, Nancy.  Do not disturb.  Fic T7124d
  • Turkle, Brinton.  Deep in the forest.  Fic T939d
  • Ward, Lynd.  The silver pony.  Fic W259s
  • Weisner, David.  Tuesday.  Fic W6515t
  • Weisner, David.  Free fall.  Fic W6515f
  • Weisner, David.  Sector 7.  Fic W6515s
  • Weitzman, Jacqueline.  You can't take a balloon into the Metropolitan Museum.  Fic W436y 

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