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Archives: Collection Management

Collection Development
The Slippery Rock University Archives collects materials that document the University’s functions and activities over time. These records are of various types and formats, and include both non-current University records and unofficial records about the institution.

Acquisitions decisions must be guided by sound archival principles including legal and fiscal requirements, research value, relationship to existing collections, depth and breadth of coverage, gaps in current archival holdings, condition, and projected costs of processing and storage. 

Records Management
The Archives depends on the cooperation of the University community in its efforts to collect and preserve the official records of the University. Records management principles recommend well-defined guidelines and timely transfer of records from their creating body or office to the Archives. These guidelines, which are available on the Archives web page, should be reviewed and implemented throughout the University as appropriate. 

The Archives depends largely upon the University community, alumni, and the public for donations of unofficial records. Donated materials that meet the Archive’s mission and fit within its collecting scope are appreciated and are accepted as space allows, with consideration given to their condition, perceived significance, and probable level of future use. All donations, including manuscripts, realia, memorabilia, and ephemera, must be relevant to the existing collection, have unique and lasting value, and be in good physical condition and of a material that does not threaten other items in the collection. The ability to accept donations of fragile materials may include consideration of financial support for their preservation. Records that are closed to public access in perpetuity are not accepted. Donations must be accompanied by a Deed of Gift (PDF).

Displaying archival materials generates interest in the collection and promotes the University as a whole. The Archives reserves the right to include unrestricted materials in exhibition displays and publications in accordance with accepted archival practices. Generally materials are exhibited in display cases within Bailey Library, but on occasion traveling exhibits may be prepared for temporary display in other institutions. Materials may be loaned to other libraries when conditions for exhibition are favorable to the policies of Slippery Rock University Archives. Written approval by the Director of Library Services may be granted upon the satisfactory demonstration of proper insurance coverage, transportation, and environmental monitoring.

Deaccessioning Policy
The Archives reserves the right to deaccession materials at a later date if upon reappraisal they are no longer deemed to be of enduring value or do not reflect the subject areas and/or types of materials collected by the Archives. Duplicates may also be deaccessioned. Likewise materials that have been transferred to another, archivally sound medium may be deaccessioned if the original format is not sustainable over time. 


Disposition of Deaccessioned Materials
Deassessioned materials may be offered to a more appropriate institution, sold, destroyed, or returned to the donor as deemed appropriate. Any such dispostion of materials will be governed by the following considerations:

  • Materials must be free of legal obstacles. No materials will be deaccessioned when a written agreement between the donor and the Archives contradicts such action. A reasonable attempt will be made to consult with donors when materials are considered for deaccessioning.

  • In the absence of donor restrictions, deaccessioned materials with financial or research value will be offered to a more appropriate institution or sold as appropriate. Materials will not be sold to Slippery Rock University Archives or Bailey Library staff. All proceeds from the sale of such materials will be used solely to further the preservation or development of the Archives collections.

  • Deaccessioned materials with no administrative, legal, informational, evidential, financial or research value may be destroyed.

  • The method of disposition will be determined jointly by the Archivist, the Archives Technician and the Director of Library Services.

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