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What is "research"?

The dictionary says that "research" is serious inquiry, examination, and experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, the revision of theories, or the practical application of new theories.

At the Center for Student Research we aim to encourage, and to celebrate the experience of research, scholarship and creative activity, not just in the sciences, but in education, the social sciences, humanities, fine and performing arts. We recognize also entrepreneurial, civic and co-curricular activities and projects that provide the student with unique learning opportunities that enrich the university experience.

The close collaboration between the student and teacher on consequential projects can take many forms and may be the product of many types of intellectual activity. This is an opportunity for students to have a discovery experience and to relate to a faculty member in a meaningful way. This is a new opportunity for learning.

Some of the methods used by scholars conducting research include: action research, case study, classification, content or textual analysis, Delphi method, ethnography, experience and intuition, experiments, interviews, mathematical models, participant observation, questionnaires, simulation, statistical analysis and statistical surveys. Visual artists, musicians, and dancers are engaged in a research activity when they plan, investigate, rehearse and bring forward their creations as artworks and performances. Students who participate in leadership activities in the University, working with faculty and staff mentors, may also be carrying out a process of inquiry that is systematic, requires mastery of a body of information to achieve a result, and may yield outcomes of interest to others that can be reported in published articles or by conference presentations.

At the Center for Student Research we support the collaboration of student and faculty member in all forms of research, scholarship and creative activity. We are dedicated to providing, through the spring Research Symposium, a venue where students may showcase their work for the benefit of the University Community. In addition to this, we seek to inform students of opportunities to present the results of their work at appropriate regional and national professional meetings. We provide support in preparing effective presentations of research results.

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