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 ROCKvoices: Slippery Rock University Oral History Project 



Eliott Baker

Eliott Baker is Slippery Rock University’s Director of Academic Records. Baker has also served as the Registrar and as the Director of Admissions. Eliott remembers his first year here when Slippery Rock played at Michigan Stadium.

Baker has participated as a guest judge for Homecoming king and queen as well as emceeing the Miss Slippery Rock pageant for several years. After twenty-eight years here, he believes that the employees and students of Slippery Rock University are its stewards and that the university’s legacy is the impact it has on the people who study here and who work here.

The Interview
September 25, 2008

Baker's interview is available in three formats.
Click below to watch, listen to, or read his story.

To read the transcript you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it for free here.


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