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 ROCKvoices: Slippery Rock University Oral History Project  



Barbara McGinnis

Barb McGinnis has worked at Slippery Rock University for over 35 years. Starting at age 18, McGinnis worked as a secretary in the Public Relations and Sports Information Center offices. Over the years she has worked in the Computer Center, Graduate Studies & Continuing Education and now at Bailey Library.

McGinnis has worked under various presidents and administrations, and reminisces about the blizzard of 1977, early computer-assisted registration and bygone campus locales like Highrise I & II and The Hut

The Interview
June 6, 2008

McGinnis's interview is available in three formats.  
Click below to watch, listen to, or read her story.
To read the transcript you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it for free here.


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