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 ROCKvoices: Slippery Rock University Oral History Project  



Melba Tomeo

Melba Tomeo, professor emeritus, is a self-proclaimed “townie.” She attended what was then Slippery Rock State College, majoring in library science. In 1990 Tomeo became a faculty member at Slippery Rock University, retiring in 2009.

Over the years Tomeo worked as a student, staff and a faculty member at the library, first at Maltby and then at Bailey. She was a technology leader on campus, with her Cites & Bytes @ Bailey blog and as a co-convener of the Teaching Learning Technology Roundtable. Since retirement she has taught Web 2.0 workshops online for staff and faculty

The Interview
September 20, 2008

Tomeo's interview is available in three formats.  
Click below to watch, listen to, or read her story.
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