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 ROCKVoices: The Oral History Project of Slippery Rock University 



ROCKvoices: The Oral History Project of Slippery Rock University

We are recording audio and video interviews of past and present SRU faculty, staff, presidents and alumni.

This is an ongoing project with an interesting  variety of participants. Hear the wonderful stories of the people who have shaped this institution from Slippery Rock State Teachers College, through the Slippery Rock State College years and into the Slippery Rock University of today.

This project is sponsored by the offices of the President and the Provost, Bailey Library and the English Department.

The Rock Voices advisory board includes Cynthia Dillon, Mark O'Connor, Judy Silva, Philip Tramdack and Robert Watson.

Student team members: Morgan Bonekovic, Annamae Mayer, Angela Rimmel and Lindsay Whalen (transcribers), Brady Crytzer and Teresa DeBacco (office coordinators/interviewers), Sarah Meleski (interviewer/transcriber), Chelsey Rovesti (webmaster) and Roxanne Rubash (graphic design).

Special thanks to Barbara McGinnis and all of the interviewees.

To suggest an interview candidate or for more information please contact Judy Silva (Library).


For additional
information contact:

Slippery Rock
University Archives

Bailey Library

Slippery Rock University
of Pennsylvania

Slippery Rock, PA

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