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 Action Research 



Action Research is defined as a process by which practitioners study their problems scientifically to guide, correct, and evaluate their decisions and actions.  This category is limited to College of Education students conducting research as part of their student teaching requirement.
Federal regulations require all participating researchers (student researcher and student’s action research supervisor) complete a training course on the protection of human participants in research.  The IRB subscribes to the CITI Online Training Program to comply with this regulation.  

CITI provides a certificate to the researchers upon completion of the appropriate training course.  A copy of the CITI certificate must be included with the protocol submitted to the IRB Office for all participating researchers, including student researchers.

***Please note: All correspondence from the IRB will be directed to the action research supervisor not the student researcher.

How to Apply:

Complete the Action Research Application Form.  Students are not permitted to be the Principal Investigator. They are required to have a University faculty or staff member supervise the research. Student researchers should be listed as Co-Investigators.

1. The title of your study
2. The Principal Investigator’s name (your action research supervisor)
3. Your name under student researcher
4. Department address
5. Phone number for Principal Investigator
6. Email address for student researcher
7. Location of where the research will be conducted
8. Expected Number of Participants should be listed as one at SRU since the teacher candidate is the research subject
9. Anticipated project period. The project cannot begin until IRB approval has been obtained
10. Funding Source-check none
11. Participant type-must check adult volunteer. You are the research subject not the minors
12. Conflict of Interest, please check no
13. Please check no risk in the level of risk to participants section since ll action research should be considered no risk
14. Choose Category a) “Research conducted in established or commonly accepted educational settings, involving normal educational practices, such as (i) research on regular and special educational instructional strategies, or (ii) research on the effectiveness of or the comparison among instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods.”
15. Have your action research supervisor sign and date the second page as the Principal Investigator and you sign as the student teacher.

Complete the Action Research Worksheet:

1. Student Researcher’s name and email
2. How many students will be involved in your project
3. Will the entire class be involved?
4. If not, how will the students be chosen?
5. The purpose of my action research project is
6. Provide step by step details of how you will do your project (write this so that someone else could read what you write and do your project in your place)
7. What risks could there be for the students, and how will you manage these risks? Any unanticipated event that occurs must be promptly reported to your action research supervisor and the IRB Office.
8. After you collect your data, what conclusions will you be able to make?

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