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Online Training

Federal regulations require all participating researchers complete a training course on the protection of human participants in research.  The SRU IRB subscribes to the CITI Online Training Program to comply with this regulation. (see link to Online Training Program below)  IRB members and investigators are required to complete appropriate CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) or equivalent web-based training every three years.  

CITI provides a certificate to the researchers upon completion of the appropriate training course.  A copy of the CITI certificate must be included with the protocol submitted to the IRB Office for all participating researchers, including student researchers.

Any and all questions should be directed to the IRB Office via email at or by phone at (724) 738-4846.

Instructions on choosing a course:

  • Social & Behavioral Research Course – the majority of research at SRU falls under this module. The Social and Behavioral Research Module is for research such as surveys, observation of human behavior, etc. At the end of the required modules, you must complete three out of the eight elective modules.
  • Human Subjects Biomedical Courses – for researchers doing more invasive research such as those in the Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences Department and The School of Physical Therapy, the Biomedical Course may be more appropriate. At the end of the required modules, you must complete three out of the six elective modules.
  • Students Conducting No More than Minimal Risk Research – students conducting Action Research projects should complete this course. At the end of the required modules, you must complete two out of the five elective modules
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Courses – for researchers with NIH or NSF funding, it is mandatory that you complete the RCR Course.
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) Courses – for researchers with NIH Funding, it is mandatory that you complete the COI Course.

 Instructions for CITI Online Training Program:

  • Create a user account and password
  • Select Slippery Rock University from the participating institution drop-down menu
  • Provide user contact information
  • Select the course that most closely relates to the intended research
  • Complete all course modules
  • All quizzes must be passed before the completion certificate will be generated
  • Maintain a copy of the certificate and submit a copy to the IRB Office with the protocol.

CITI Online Training Program- Click Here to Access the Training Program

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