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Minutes January 24, 2008 

University Forum


January 24, 2008


Attendance:  Jeff Taylor, Trudy Bayer, Natalie LaBate, Gayle Brosnan-Watters, Traci Zillifro, Annette Salsovic, Katie Cooklin, Kim Creasy, Laura Smiley, Diane Galbraith, Michael Conlon, Patsy Ann Johnson, Tammie Fleeger, Leigh Ann Datt, Jialing Wang, Kathleen Setzer, Kim Smith, Brittany Spangler, David Nugent, Lalanda Stromp, Robert Smith, Rita Abent, Diana Jones, Wendy Wentling, Melissa Teodoro


I.                    Call to Order


II.                 Approval or Corrections of December 2007 Minutes

a.      Under VI. 1. insert ‘signs’


III.               Committee Reports

a.       Committee on academic environment— no report

b.      Committee on nominations and elections – we will be soliciting new members in February

c.       Recommendations committee:

                                                         i.      Bike Trails and Bike Racks Project—Melissa Teodoro – no new report

                                                       ii.      Keister Road Crosswalk—Gayle Brosnan-Watters – After connecting with the new borough president, a crosswalk is slated to be painted in the Spring of 2008.  To have the small reflective signs, we must have a commitment by someone to put it up at dawn and remove it at dusk.

d.      Membership – the mailing list has been updated

e.       Web page—no report. 


IV.              Old Business

      The Parking Sub-Committee is going to launch a survey directed at assessing the interest of faculty and students in paying a higher price for a spot in a parking  garage to be constructed by SBS and Old Thompson field. 


      On the topic of parking, President Smith reported that the Council of Trustees will be presented with a report proposing the doubling of parking fines and raising the permit price (though the latter will not be recommended).  President Smith noted that while our staff and residential students have a good parking spot ratio, the   number of commuter spots is lower than desired.


V.                 New Business

                        a.  None



VI.              Next Meeting

Thursday, 21 February 2008, PA Room at 12:30

            Topics to be discussed at the next Forum:


                        Grading scale

                        Electronic grade submission


VII.            Adjourned