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Minutes February 21, 2008 

University Forum


February 21, 2008


I.                    Call to Order


II.                 Approval or Corrections of January 2008 Minutes


III.               Committee Reports

a.       Committee on academic environment

b.      Committee on nominations and elections

c.       Recommendations committee

d.      Membership

e.       Web page


IV.              Old Business

a.       Campus Parking and Transportation of Students – Lalanda Stromp & Junko Yamamoto

b.      Class size – Jeff Taylor, Trudy Bayer, and Melissa Teodoro


V.                 New Business

a.       Campus Smoking Issues – Catherine Massey and Lalanda Stromp

                                                               i.      Second hand smoking is very toxic and it causes cancer.  It can also cause heart attack.  Across the campus there is a concern about keeping green campus.  As people stand by the door and smoke it goes through the building.  We are still one of four State System campuses that sells cigarettes.  Smoking is allowed in university vehicles and there is no smoking policy in dorms.

                                                             ii.      Having a policy would be a good transition.  Smoking by the door is no good.  Non-smoking faculty members’ offices can smell as if they are smoking. We should do at least easy things such as selling cigarette on campus.  The hard thing is that even though there are signs that say that “No smoking” people still smoke.  Can campus police be on board to enforce the policy? 

                                                            iii.      Going to smoke-free campus can be a draw. 

                                                           iv.      It is possible to encourage SRU community to write to state legislators for banning smoking in public places

                                                             v.      Put up ‘non smoking within 30 ft. perimeter of the building’ sign except for the designated smoking area.


b.      Grading – Trudy Bayer

c.       SRU Strategic Plan – President Smith

1.      This weekend there should be more updates coming after this week. 

2.      Under the I drive there is a folder for president’s office.  There is a strategic planning draft for 1-14-08.  It will become a word document in your computer.  The document has hyperlinks for various strategic planning.  However the plan is still in draft.  If you would like to comment, you can write onto the document and email the document with your feedback and addition and deletion to President Smith.  You can not save it back to the I drive.  It will eventually become a final document. 


VI.              Next Meeting

Thursday, 27 March 2008, PA Room at 12:30


VII.            Adjournment