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Minutes February 24, 2005 

University Forum Meeting

February 24, 2005

University Union, Room 204


Attendance for February 24, 2005 was:  P. Anand, R. Barger-Anderson, P. Campbell, D. Cohen, M.Conlon, T. Deems, S. Doherty, S. Hadley, M. Hulings, D. Jones,  R. Marchand, M. Matambanadzo, S. Novak, C. Pease-Hernandez, R. Pitstick, A. Plessinger, A. Salsovic, D. Shields, L. Smiley, J. Smith, J. Taylor, M. Teodoro


Guests:  Cathy Brinjak – Academic Advisement, Steve Sullivan - ROTC


1.                  Meeting opened by president Steven Doherty Announcements


I.  March 31 in 204 is the last meeting


II.  Michael Conlin is as the nominations and election committee for the forum.  He will take nominations over the month, and from the floor next meeting.


III.  Itzi Meztli introduced the Commonwealth Association of Students


IV. What to do to reward high quality academic advisement?

-         there are now scantron forms available for students to grade their advisers

-         not required

-         eventually, the administration would like to envision advising as part of teaching


2.  Cathy Brinjak

-          from the Advisement Center (part of Academic Services)

o       services include:

§        ACT 101

§        Tutoring Center

§        Developmental Math

§        Supplemental Instruction

-          works with:

o       Connie Laughner – Director of Advisement Systems and DARS

o       Chris Walker – Director of Exploratory Studies

-          all can advise faculty

-          all help to recruit faculty to advise exploratories


- admissions has set higher requirements in some areas (Education, Exercise Science)

-          these areas will admit lesser qualified students on an exploratory-type basis (not in the major, but can focus on that)


-          plan to host a fall workshop on advising


-          building academic advisement research site on blackboard

o       for FYRST teachers and those with exploratory advisees

o       conceptual (theories)

o       informational (policies and procedures)

o       relational


3.  Steve Sullivan

-          ROTC


-          most of our students are in the PA National Guard

-          a one year deployment can lead to being gone 18 months due to lead up and follow up

-          deployments are not always for sure (often take a portion of a unit)

-          students can take ROTC courses, and are not deployable

-          if they sign up, they are not deployable in their Junior or Senior year (but are in the first 2 years)



How work with limited # of semesters?

-          the aim for graduation is not set in stone, but the aim is for 2 years due to budgeting


How are faculty notified of deployment?

-          it is the students responsibility to bring a letter


How long from notice til deployment?

-          varies


What to do with students worried about deployment?

-          for student stress, Carla Hradisky-Coffelt

-          for deployment concerns, use army



**Next meeting March 31, 2005**