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Minutes May 1, 2008 

Slippery Rock University Forum


May 1, 2008

Attendance: Diane Galbraith, Laura Smiley, Katie Cooklin, Kim Creasy, Jeff Taylor, Junko Yamamoto, Rob Lang, Michael Conlon, Lalanda Stromp, Patsy Ann Johnson, Justin Kleemook, Jialing Wang, Diana Jones, Gerry Jenny, Annette Salsovic, Don Kerchis


I.                   Call to Order


II.                Approval or Corrections of March 2008 Minutes – postpone till next September


III.             Forum Statistics:               Average number attending meetings    = 23

                                                      Average number of students attending = 5


We need more student participation


Our sincere thanks to all forum members for your dedication

and hard work during the 2007-2008 academic year!


IV.             Nominations and Elections Committee

                  (Michael Conlon & Patsy Ann Johnson)

President – Kim Creasy

Vice president – Kathrin Cooklin

Secretary – Junko Yamamoto

Vice Secretary – Justin Kleemook


            From our constitution:



                                                   Section 1.  Officers.  The Forum shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Vice-Secretary.

                A.  All officers of the Forum shall serve for one year.

                B.  All officers shall be elected by and from the membership of the 

Forum after May 1st of each year.

                C.  A slate of officers shall be presented by the Nominations and 

Elections Committee at the May meeting, and additional nominations may be made from the floor with the permission of those nominated from the floor.


V.                Issues and Projects to be carried over

a.       Preliminary Findings of the Parking Garage Project –

      Lalanda Stromp & Junko Yamamoto


      We may want to look at 8 months out of a year fully occupied rather than 12 months because the demand can be low in the summer.

      Comparison between the cost for losing the green area and gaining parking spots

b.      Class size – Jeff Taylor, Trudy Bayer, and Melissa Teodoro

c.       Campus Smoking Issues – Catherine Massey and Lalanda Stromp  

Lalanda can follow up with the recommendations made in the past with the administration          


VI.             Next Meeting

Thursday, September 18 2008, North Hall University Room at 12:30

The Master Schedule will be checked for booking of the University Room.


VII.          Adjournment