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Minutes May 03, 2007 

University Forum Meeting

May 03, 2007

12:30 – 1:30

North Hall University Room (aka PA Room)



I.        The meeting started at 12:31.


II.     Approval or Correction of 29 March 2007 Minutes (and special thanks to Heather Frederick for taking mintues last month) – Katie Cooklin made a motion to approve and the March 2007 minutes was approved.


III. Forum 2006/2007 statistics:      Average number attending meetings overall       = 28

                                                      Average number of students attending meetings = 6


Our sincere thanks to all forum members for your dedication and hard work during the 2006/2007 year!  

thank you,

Alana, Katie, Abigail, & Heather


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The New University Forum


IV.       Nominations and Elections Committee (Michael Conlon & Patsy Ann Johnson)


From our constitution:



Section 1.  Officers.  The Forum shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Vice-Secretary.

A.  All officers of the Forum shall serve for one year.

B.  All officers shall be elected by and from the membership of the 

Forum after May 1st of each year.

C.       A slate of officers shall be presented by the Nominations and 

Elections Committee at the May meeting, and additional nominations may be made from the floor with the permission of those nominated from the floor.


President: Alana Atchinson was nominated to continue serving as the president.  There was no other nomination and this nomination was approved.

Vice President: Katherine Cooklin was nominated for her continuous service. There was no other nomination and this nomination was approved.

Secretary: Junko Yamamoto was nominated to be the new secretary. There was no other nomination and this nomination was approved.

Vice secretary: Heather Frederick was nominated to continue for her second term.  There was no other nomination and this nomination was approved.


Special thanks to Abigail Amissah-Arthur, the outgoing secretary, for her dedication to the Forum.  



[New Officers took over]


V.        Issues and Projects to be carried over (and lead committee member)

1.      bike trail & racks project (Melissa Teodoro)

No report

2.      certificate of participation (Heather Frederick)

No new business

3.      class size study (Padma Anand & Bill Zeiger)

Bill Zeiger provided the update.  There has been a fifteen-question-survey taken.  Thus far, 600 surveys are completed.  We need approximately 100 additional completed surveys to obtain a meaningful sample size. 

4.      international trips and scheduling (Barbara Chambers)

Alana Atchinson will take over this committee for the next academic year.

5.      Keister Road crosswalk (Gayle Brosnan-Watters)

No new business

6.      LEAP (Itzi Meztli)

No new business


Please contact the identified committee member to help work on projects over the summer

~ input and help is always welcomed and appreciated!~


VI.              Schedule for 2007/2008 Academic Year

Alana Atchinson will check the master schedule, and book the PA room for the next academic year.


Meeting adjourned at 1PM.