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Minutes September 14, 2006 

University Forum Meeting

September 14, 2006


Attendance: Amissah-Arthur, Abigail; Anand, Padma; Atchinson, Alana; Brosnan-Watters, Gayle; Cooklin, Katherine; Cortijo, Adelaida; Creasy, Kim; Daniels, Mark; Forbes, Wayne M; Frederick, Heather; Galbraith, Diane; Gorman, Anita; Jenny, Geraldine; Johnson, Patsy Ann; Jones, Diana; Marchand, Richard; McCaskey, Scott; Papay, Alyssa; Salsovic, Annette; Silva, Judy; Smiley, Laura; Teodoro, Melissa; Tramdack, Philip; Weary, Kimberly, Yamamoto, Junko; Zieg, Michael; Zeiger, Bill.


1.AlanaAtchinsoncalled the meeting to order at 12.40pm.

2.Welcome and Introductions:

AlanaAtchinsonforum president welcomed all members to the 2006-07 academic year and introduced the new executive members:Amissah-Arthur, Abigail (secretary), Frederick, Heather (vice-secretary) and Cooklin, Katherine (vice-president).

Members were advised to encourage students to be active in the forum.

3.Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

4.Membership report:

Members were informed that Heather Frederick was in the process of updating the membership list. Membership list was passed around for checks and corrections.

5.Committees: A call was made for volunteers to work in different committees. Members of the committees are:

(a) Academic environment:  Mark Daniels (Chair);Weary, Kimberly.

(b) Nominations and elections: Mike Conlon (Chair); Johnson, Patsy Ann; Tramdack, Philip; Jones, Diana.

(c ) Recommendations committee: Melissa Teodoro (Chair); Jenny, Geraldine.


6. Web page: It was suggested that the web page should be used as a publicity page and blackboard as a discussion forum. Yamamoto, Junko volunteered to work on creating a web page for the University Forum and manage the blackboard discussion forum.


7. Old Business:

(a) Class offerings: The problems associated with students not knowing the sequence of offerings was discussed. Marchand, Richard volunteered to look into the issue of course catalog and updating it.

(b) Class size study: It was reported that a pilot study has been conducted on this and the data is being processed.

(c ) Bookstore: Concerns were raised about the bookstore not ordering enough books for students. Forum members were asked to document within their respective departments instances where students in their classes were unable to get required textbooks from the bookstore. It was suggested that representative from the Forum could discuss the issue with the bookstore officials. The academic Environment committee was asked to coordinate the efforts in this regard.


8. New Issues/Concerns:

(a) Bicycles: It was reported that nothing has been done about providing bicycle racks on campus. Recommendations committee was asked to contact the SRU planning committee to discuss the bike issues.

(b) Announcement: members were reminded that Tom Flynn and Cynthia Dillon would address the Forum at the next meeting.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm.

10. The next meeting will be held on October 12 at 12.30pm in the PA room.