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Minutes September 15, 2005 

University Forum Meeting

September 15, 2005


Michael Conlin supervised elections of officers for the 2005 – 2006 year.


Elected were the following:


            Chairperson: Jeff Taylor

            Vice-Chairperson: Sue Hadley

            Secretary: Annette Salsovic

            Vice-Secretary: Darla Shields


Jeff reported that the minutes from the previous meeting will be available for approval and will be posted on the Forum website, which can be found on the SRU website.


Jeff asked Forum members to help update the membership list.


Sue Hadley asked about the agenda and minutes being sent out to members previous to meetings.  It was decided that these would be distributed by email.


Michael Conlin encouraged student representatives to attend the meetings and to list themselves on the roster of members.


Larry __________ and Kevin _________ gave a presentation on behalf of the Future Library Committee.


  1. Goals for the Year


-         the goals for this year are to establish sub-committees to tackle issues of interest.  Jeff Taylor took responsibility for putting forth the resolutions passed by the UF to the point that they are enacted, or a satisfactory reason they cannot be done is provided.

-         ideas discussed include:

•  improvement of the student evaluation forms

•  improvements in staff appreciation/career paths

•  class size survey

•  revising the code of conduct for students

•  safety issues

I.        Gayle Brosnan Watters was concerned that resolutions were passed by the UF, but never enacted.  These resolutions will be unearthed by Colleen Neubert and pursued

•  what is scholarly growth/research

•  Rich Marchand suggested that sick leave exchange would be a good idea, for example trading it in to get compensation for reduced premiums

•  exec breakfast with the president

I.        Colleen Neubert suggested that this be done early, such that we can have our ideas voiced early.


Jeff Taylor requested you email him if you would like to be on a sub-committee for one of these issues.


Meeting adjourned at 1:35 pm.


*** Next meeting will be October 20 in room 2004 ***