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Minutes September 16, 2004 

University Forum Meeting

September 16, 2004

University Union, Room 206


Attendance for September 16, 2004 was:
Padma Anand, Deb Cohen, Andrew Colvin, Kim Creasy, Thomas Deems, Steven
Doherty, June Edwards, Wayne Forbes, Susan Hadley, Melissa Hulings, Robert
Isherwood, Christopher Kreiser, Richard Marchand, Jose Martitinez-Samos,
Ruth Miller, Mark Mraz, Patrick Myers, Colleen Neubert, Nathan Otis, Sunita
Peacock, Christopher Pease-Hernandez, Randall Pitstick, Alison Plessinger,
Annette Salsovic, Darla Shields, Jon Shumway, Judith Silva, Laura Smiley,
Jeffrey Taylor, Melissa Teodoro, Mary Vetere


  1. Meeting opened by president Steven Doherty

-          Sign-in sheet sent around


  1. Jeff Taylor appointed secretary

-          motioned by Deb Cohen, seconded by ?, voted in (no objection)

-          will be secretary for 2003/2004 or until position is declined


  1. Future meeting dates announced

-          Oct 21, 2004 during common hour in Union 204

-          Nov 18, 2004 during common hour in Union 206


  1. a. Doherty announced that emails will be sent with blind carbon copy to keep message size down

b. Doherty announced that a web site to carry University Forum business is in the works.


  1. Brief discussion by Doherty of University Forum purpose

-          Meeting of staff, faculty and students

-          All campus issues are relevant

-          Past issues

 Tobacco resolution

 Campus traffic speed



  1. Announcements

-          Doherty announce Good Food Lunch

 Thurs, Sept 23 at Boozel from 11:30 to 1:30

 Student = $4, Other = $6

 Local, donated, largely organic food

 Sponsored by McCoskey Center, CHES and Sustainable Systems

-          Doherty announce Work Day

 Sat, Sept 18 at McCoskey

 Match service hour needs for students

-          Doherty announce Film Series

 Tuesdays at 8pm in ECB auditorium

 Tuesday the 21 of Sept = Outfoxed

-          Misner announce President’s Award for Teaching Excellence

 Handout was given

 Submission can be done on paper or web

 Nominations due Nov 15, 2004

-          Darla Shields announce Black Belt class

 Held on Second floor of University Union

 All forms for advanced, Taekwondo for beginners

-          Deb Cohen announce Latin Lounge

 This Friday, 8 pm til 1 am at Carruth Rizza Hall

 Lessons will be held Thursday afternoon/evening


  1. Issues of the day


I.         Parking

II          Building Safety

III         Lights Issues


I.                     Parking

-          Wayne Forbes

 Concern about allotted spots

 There are enough spots for each faculty member (location?)

-          Jeff Taylor

 Present basic news from meeting with Bob Watson

 Express concern with reduction of ‘faculty’ lots

 Propose ‘staff only’ time between 7 and 10 am to increase access to staff

-          Colleen Neubert

 Suggest issuing special commuter spots on case-by-case basis to give access to ‘faculty’ lots

-          Doherty

 Mention that angling spots could increase spot numbers

 Concerned about impervious surface that lots create

-          Melissa Teodoro

 Notes low number of bicycles/bicycle racks

-          Melissa Hulings

 Noted that local shuttle bus is underutilized

 Suggested that permits should be restricted to commuters living a certain distance away

-          Nate Otis

 Suggested increase in price of commuter permit, or charging more to those who live locally


II.                  Building Safety

-          Rich Marchand

 Express concern with congestion in Spotts, especially as relates to fire issues

 Was noted earlier plans existed to reduce volume in Spotts

 Apparently, Provost Williams is aware and a plan is afoot

-          Doherty

 Noted ECB windows bolted shut = safety concern

-          Neubert

 Swope’s windows also sealed

-          Hulings

 Commented on congestion in Spotts


III.                Lights Issues

-          lighting very dim at back of McKay lot

-          excessive lighting of distal lots all night long

-          lack of light in sports fields


  1. Plans for next section

-          Doherty will arrange for the Campus Master Plan to be discussed, particularly with regard to issues raised in this meeting

-          Doherty will receive by email our concerns, which he will broadly categorize and we will vote on which to tackle first (only) this academic year


  1. Adjourned at 1:30