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Minutes September 18, 2008 

Slippery Rock University Forum


September 18, 2008


Attendance: Paul Mullins, Michael Conlon, Diane Galbraith, Don Kerchis, Unhae Langis, Barbara Westman, Laura Smiley, Annette Salsoric, Patsy Ann Johnson, Bailey Costantino, Katie Cooklin, Leigh Ann Datt, Renee Tkackik, Erin Street, Trudy Bayer, Padma Anand, Gerri Jenny, Kim Creasy, Judy Silva, Catherine Massey, Angela Bernardo, Kelli Robinson, Seth Bires, Rita Abent, Kim Smith, Jialing Wang, David Nugent, Istvan Kovacs, 

Diane Tomasic, Melissa Rychener, Junko Yamamoto


I.                    Call to Order

Kim Creasy greeted everyone

Reminder: student representatives


II.                 Approval or Corrections of May 2008 Minutes

Approved with additions for the attendees 


III.               Introduction of Forum members


IV.              Old Business

a.       Parking Garage Project – Lolanda Stromp & Junko Yamamoto – There is report on California University available from the University Forum web site.  

b.      Class size – Trudy Bayer and Melissa Teodoro – There will be further analysis. 

c.       Campus Smoking Issues – Our policy in the university from the Chancellor’s Office: No smoking allowed indoor or outdoor on campus.  There was an email that was sent to us.  However, there is no enforcement for violations.  Also, there are still ashtrays on campus. How do we interpret the policy and how do we enforce it? Kim Creasy will check.  


V.                 New Business

a.       Possibility of having a toll-free number to check voicemail off-campus

b.      Number of students walk anywhere on campus regardless of traffic patterns: there can be safety issues.

c.       Crosswalk on Kiester Road – Justin Kleemook updated: Gail talked to the Mayor and the Mayor promised that.  Justin will call the Mayor to follow up.  

d.      For new members, Michael Conlon informed that the University Forum have made recommendations to the administration and have been followed up.  For example, teaching excellence award and crosswalk on campus. 

e.       Katie Cooklin: moderators for polling sites needed.  Anyone interested can contact Katie at the Political Science Department


VI.              Next Meeting

                  Thursday, October 16, 2008, North Hall University Room at 12:30.


VII.            Adjournment