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Minutes October 12, 2006 

University Forum Meeting

October 12, 2006 

Attendance: Amissah-Arthur, Abigail; Anand, Padma;  Atchinson, Alana; Brosnan-Watters, Gayle; Como, Thomas; Cooper, Bill; Conlon, Michael; Cortijo, Adelaida; Creasy, Kim; Fleeger, Tammie; Frederick, Heather; Galbraith, Diane; Gorman, Anita; Iksic, Rose; Johnson, Patsy Ann; Jones, Diana; Lusher, Anna; Manuel, Josh; Matambanadzo, Michael; Matambanadzo, Nyarayi; McCollin, Michelle; Michaels, Meg; Papay, Alyssa; Quinn, Katrina; Salsovic, Annette; Shields, Darla; Silva, Judy; Teodoro, Melissa; Tsuquiashi-Daddesio, Eva; Wang, Jialing; Weary, Kimberly; William, Williams F; Yamamoto, Junko;  Zeiger, Bill; Zillifro, Traci.


1. Meeting was called to order at 12.30pm.

2. Minutes from the last meeting were approved with the following additions:

           Academic environment: additional member isGalbraith, Diane

           Nominations committee additional member is Creasy, Kim

Recommendation committee additional member is Cortijo, Adelaida

3. Committee Reports:

(a)    There were no reports from the Academic environment andNominations committees.

(b)    Recommendations committee gave an update on issue of bike racks and the effort to survey bike riders.

4. Membership: Faculty members were again asked to inform student representatives to attend the meetings of the forum. Send names of new members toHeather Frederick.

5. Web page: Junko Yamamoto gave updates on her efforts. She informed the forum that the Forum website has been updated and that the blackboard aspect is under development.

6. Old business:

(a). Class offerings: Alana Atchinson presented on behalf of the group addressing the class offering issue. It was reported that Elliot baker had raised legal concerns on the issue. Amanda Yale mentioned that many departments have their seasonal offerings on their websites. It was then suggested that it might be helpful to create a 1-stop page to describe seasonal class offerings for each department.

(b) Class size: Padma Anand presented a break down of the questions and the results of part one of the pilot study. She also distributed copies of the survey results. She mentioned that other data from the study is under analysis.

7. Assessment:

(a)Tom Flynn gave an overview of the university’s assessment plan. Flynn again reminded the forum members that October is assessment month. He mentioned that 17 departments had posters showing how the departments are using assessment to improve student learning. 

(b) Bill McKinley discussed assessment in the liberal studies program.

(c ) Chris Cole discussed assessment efforts within the student life program.

(d) A question and answer session followed the presentations.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 1.15pm.

9. The next meeting will be held on November 9th at 12.30pm in the PA room.

Respectfully submitted by Abigail Amissah-Arthur, University Forum Secretary.