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Minutes October 16, 2008 

Slippery Rock University Forum


October 16, 2008


Attendance: Annette Salsovic, Angela, Bernardo, Melissa Rychener, Diane Tomasic, Seth Bires, Diane Galbraith,                                  Patsy Ann Johnson, Laura Smiley, Kevin Sharkey, Justin Kleemook, Barbara Westman, David                                  Nugent, Padma Anand, Unhae Langis, Leigh Ann Datt, Laureen Lokash, Renee Tkacik, Wenhao Liu,                        Jialing Wang, Junko Yamamoto, Michael Conlon, Lalanda Stromp, Katie Cooklin, Adelaida Cortijo,                             Bailey Costantino, Erin Street, Jackie Freeman, Rita Abent, Rose Iksic


I.                     Call to Order

Kim Creasy call the meeting to the order at 12:35PM.

Reminder that students get a free lunch by signing in


II.                   Corrections and Approval of September 2008 Minutes


III.                 Introduction of Forum new members

Wenhao Liu, Laura Ieloka, Kevin Sharkey, Jacky Freeman


IV.                Old Business

a.       Class Size – Trudy Bayer and Melissa Teodoro – no report

b.      Campus Smoking Issues – Kim Creasy – Kim went to the university website to look at the smoking policy.  He found out that the university had a smoking policy that was proposed by the forum and accepted by the president in 1987.  SRU is now a smoke-free campus.  Kevin Sharkey from the university police informed that there has been no citation.  The interpretation of the PASSHE regulation says that there should be no smoking on campus in areas where the public has been invited.  There are a lot of cigarette butts by building A because the ashtrays were removed.  Each residence hall has employees responsible for cleaning up to 15 feet outside of the building, and the university grounds crew is responsible for any litter further than 15 feet from the buildings.  The University Bookstore will stop carrying cigarettes once the inventory runs out. 


c.       Kiester Road Crosswalk – Justin Kleemook – Pine Glen apartment is not is a part of the borough, but rather it is a part of the township.  Right now it is too cold to put paint on the road.  Justin is going to continue looking into the area between Old Thompson Field and the University Police Station, because students have classes in the building that formerly housed the Martha Gault Art Gallery.


V.                  New Business

When the residence halls are closed for breaks it creates a major problem for many students, especially international students.  For the Thanksgiving and semester break there is a fee of $21.05 per day to stay in a residence hall.  Additionally, there is one week during the break where the students cannot stay in the residence halls.  Residence Life is aware of the problem and working toward a solution for the upcoming academic year.  Residence Life is looking into creating a floor community that would be supportive of international student’s needs by remaining open during breaks.  


VI.                Next Meeting

                  Thursday, November 6, 2008, North Hall University Room at 12:30.


VII.              Adjournment -Meeting ended at 1PM.