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Minutes November 6, 2008 

Slippery Rock University Forum


November 6, 2008


Attendance: Padma Anand, Trudy Bayer, Angela Bernardo, Katie Cooklin, Bailey Costantino, Kim Creasy, Rose Iksic, Patsy Ann Johnson, Don Kerchis, Justin Kleemook, Istvan Kovacs, Robert Lang, Unhae Langis, Catherine Massey, David Nugent, Thomas Rainey, Melissa Rychener, Annette Salsovic, Kevin Sharkey, Judy Silva, Kim Smith, Erin Street, Lalanda Stromp, Andrzej Szymanski, Renee Tkacik, Diane Tomasic, Eva Tsuquiashi-Daddesio, Junko Yamamoto, Renee Bateman, Ana Caula, Deborah Hutchins, Aaron Feldman, Kiley Diaddigo.


I.                    Call to Order

a.       Kim Creasy opened the meeting. 


II.                 Approval and/or Corrections of October 2008 Minutes


III.               Old Business

a.       Class Size – Trudy Bayer

There may be a need to compile data to address this issue further.  Student enrollment is increasing by 1% and therefore the number of faculty positions will increase by the same 1%.


b.      Kiester Road Crosswalk – Justin Kleemook

Justin Kleemook will try the Mayor again.  Officer Sharkey informed the forum that the local municipalities were out repainting the crosswalks on Kiester Road earlier that day.  


IV.              New Business

a.       Assessment – Tom Flynn

Dr. Tom Flynn of the assessment committee presented to the University Forum a truncated report that he shared with the provost.  The assessment committee is preparing for Middle States to inquire about its report as well as visit the university in a couple of years.  Middle States will come to review the assessment procedures of SRU.  The assessment committee is working on Standards 11 and 14, to get SRU to meet the standards.  A degree coherence matrix was created last year, which was remarkably successful.  To date, 33 departments have submitted the degree coherence matrix.  In 2005, the assessment committee went to the provost and requested that the departmental reports coincide with the Middle State standards.  Middle States addressed Kutztown because of their assessment techniques.  The assessment committee is working hard to make sure that there is a campus wide awareness about assessment.  SRU has a website for assessment.  All departments are doing great work and both Academic and Student Affairs have made progress in assessment.  A couple areas of concern are:  How we are communicating assessment to our students?  And how are we using assessment to improve learning and to make decisions? 


b.      Plus minus grading system

Who determines the grading system?  Is it determined by the University Administration, the faculty, or the PA State System of Higher Education?   It may not be fair to the students who earned an 87% to get B, but this student did not earn an A either.  Kim Creasy is willing to develop a committee to work on this issue.  Department representatives were asked to collect information and report back to the forum.  This was an issue in the past.  The previous concerns were:  How reliable is this system of grading in practical use?  In the College of Education, students with B minus may get less than 3.0 and that may impact their certification. 


V.                 Next Meeting

                  Thursday, December 4, 2008, North Hall University Room at 12:30.


VI.              Adjournment