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Minutes November 8, 2007 

University Forum


November 8, 2007



Robert Smith; William Williams; Trudy Bayer; Jeff Taylor; Lalanda Stromp;

Adelaida Cortijo; Laura Smiley; Katie Cooklin; Kim Creasy; Junko Yamamoto;

April Aven; Sherry Carlson; Michael Conlin; David Nugent; Diane Galbraith;

Patsy Ann Johnson



I.                    Call to Order


II.                 Approval or Corrections of October 2007 Minutes – approved as is



III.               Committee Reports

a.       Committee on academic environment  - no report

b.      Committee on nominations and elections – Mike Conlon and Patsy Ann Johnson – no report

c.       Recommendations committee:

                                                               i.      Bike Trails and Bike Racks Project—Melissa Teodoro – no report

                                                             ii.      Keister Road Crosswalk—Gayle Brosnan-Watters – no report

                             iii.    International Trips and Scheduling – Diana Jones – no report

d.      Membership

e.       Web page - Junko Yamamoto – class size survey is now up on the web site. 

Provost Williams commented on the survey that additional information about students’ learning outcome would be desired.  If it is possible to place students in the same course taught by the same instructor but different sizes, and use the consistent measurement to measure the learning outcome, that would be valuable information.  Decisions on class sizes are currently made by the departments.  Graduate assistants can be requested through colleges to the provost.


IV.              Old Business

a.       Removal of signs by the Wexford exit off I-79 that say “Slippery Rock University North Hills Campus” (which no longer exists)—Marybeth Miller – Pen DOTT has been contacted



V.                 New Business

a.       Smoking on Campus – Catherine Massey – no report

b.      Campus parking – President Smith said that his office is already looking into this issue.                                      


VI.              Next Meeting

Thursday, 6 December 2007, PA Room at 12:30


VII.            Adjournment