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Minutes November 18, 2004 

University Forum Meeting

November 18, 2004

University Union, Room 206


Attendance for November 18, 2004 was:

Richael Barger-Anderson, Braden Blauser, Deb Cohen, Thomas Deems, Steven
Doherty, Wayne Forbes, Anita Gorman, Melissa Hullings, Richard Marchand,
Augustin Matambanadzo, Ruth Miller, Mark Mraz, Colleen Neubert, Sara
Novak, Sunita Peacock, Randall Pitstick, Alison Plessinger, Annette
Salsovic, Darla Shields, Laura Smiley, Jeff Taylor, Angele Waugaman

1.                  Meeting opened by president Steven Doherty



I.  Campus wide food drive is ongoing (Nov 15 – 22)


II.  Empty bowls is on Nov 22

-         raise money for Pittsburgh area food for homeless program

-         $15 Faculty, $7 student

-         get food and bowl

-         lunch 11:30 to 1, dinner 5 to 6:30

-         likely held in MPR


III.  Free film series continues Nov 23

-         Fog of War

-         8 pm in ECB Aud


IV.  University Forum website is up and running

-         will house minutes (no longer sent via email)

-         keep eye on members list

-         please send misc. documents that we discuss for posting


V.  Blog site for University Forum considered

-         who would police content?


VI.  Forbes raise issues of student soldiers who are called to active duty

-         is there  a system to council these students (health center, ROTC)

-         what is the SRU policy on these students in their classes

o       thought to be withdrawl with pass

o       would be good if they could earn credit if far enough into term


2.  Master University Plan


Herb Carlson, Director of Facilities and Planning came to discuss the Master University Plan.  This document deals with the physical development of campus.  It goes in a 10 year cycle, and assumes that the University is a steady state entity (not grow or shrink).




I.  Circulation – both pedestrian and vehicular

-         have designed a clear route for pedestrians from Main St. to Arc

-         have added additional parking outside the lower campus loop

-         plan to create a means to drive from lower to upper campus without going on Kiester

-         exit near BSB onto Kiester may be closed


II.  Building

-         will generate true ‘Quad’ by construction of Science and Technology Building

-         add performance hall to Swope


III.  Athletics

-         built baseball stadium

-         build four clover-positioned field in far north-east of campus

-         create jogging tracks in far north-east of campus


IV.  Housing

-         many residences are being demolished (Harner, Krauss, Founders)

-         using private developer to build apartment-type housing (like ROCK apartments)


Where get funds for all this?


I.                    Key 93 = state funds for deferred maintenance

II.                 Student tax = for infrastructure repair

III.               Capital Money = competitive funding for construction


-         VSH renovation come from Capital Money

-         Proposed Performing Arts Center comes from Capital Money


Question from the floor:


Q – Timeline for Performing Arts Center?


A – is in the 2006 Capital Money request (plus 1.5 years to design plus 1.5 years to build)


Q – CAs get single rooms in new residence hall?


A – Yes


Q – Can we get more parking near North Hall


A – not in my area, see Dr. Watson


Q – What will be in the new science building?


A – computers, chemistry and physics, GGE.  Also, a large lecture hall (350 seats) that will be suitable for performances


Q – Will the road between Morrow and Spotts be closed?


A – Yes, access to PT will be created from Main or Cooper


Q – Can campus be made more bicycle friendly?


A – Are trying, new roadway construction may help accommodate


Q – Will the new residence halls have green certification?


A – we are targeting silver status, which is good but not the highest. 


Q – How about the new science building?


A – no certification (not exist at implementation), but construction will follow principles similar to residence halls


Q – How meet needs of SSHE strategic energy plan?


A – buildings must reduce E consumption by 1.5% (measured in btu / square feet).  Some of this will be accomplished by technology.  Much must be achieved by student and faculty awareness.


Meeting End.