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Minutes December 04, 2008 

University Forum


December 04, 2008

Attendance: Diane Tomasic, Istvan Kovacs, Stephen Barr, Kevin Sharkey, Thomas Rainey, Justin Kleemook, Aaron Feldman, Kiley Diaddigo, Angela Bernardo, Erin Street, Annette Salsovic, Jialing, Wang, Junko Yamamoto, LaLanda Stromp, Andrzej Szymanski, Gerri Jenny, Laura Smiley, Jackie Freeman, Unhae Langis, Barbara Westman, Leigh Ann Datt, Melissa Rychener, Katie Cooklin Rose Iksic, Patsy Ann Johnson,


I.                    Call to Order

Katie Cooklin opened the meeting.

II.                  Approval of the minutes

Minutes were accepted

III.                Old Business

a.       Plus/Minus Grade System – Trudy Bayer’s is working on the survey to be sent to students.  Health and Safety has done an informal survey.  Dr. Patsy Ann Johnson said that students with B minus in the College of Education would not be certified because the PA requires 3.0 to be certified.  Lalanda Stromp stated that the same concern was raised several years ago.  Dr. Johnson is opposed to breaking people into such small groups.  Dr. Jenny from the College of Education is for differentiation because it rewards the students who really worked hard.  Dr. Barr from the Music Department stated that when he taught in Florida there was A/B grade.  It worked great in Florida. 

Rose Iksic from the Modern Language Department also started to work on it with SGA. 


IV.                New Business

a.       Outstanding Secondary Teacher Nomination: Unhae Langis from the English Department

The system in which students can nominate a high school teacher for their dedication in teaching can be set up.  The students in the FYRST seminar can nominate high school teachers who were influential and the University Forum can make a recognition form and send the letters to the high school teachers.  All who are interested should contact Unhae.


V.                  Next Meeting will be Thursday, January 22, 2009, North Hall University Room at 12:30.

VI.                Adjournment