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 Biological, Chemical, or Radiation Incident 



A. Any exposure to a hazardous biological, chemical, or radioactive material must be reported immediately to the University Police at: 

Campus phone:  ext. 3333
Public phone:  724-738-3333

B. The followings procedures shall be as follows:

1) Any suspicious package received should be left untouched.
2) The location in which the package is located should be evacuated and the 
University Police notified.

It is important for anyone who comes in contact with the suspicious package not to be in contact with other people if at all possible. These individuals should remain isolated until cleared by the University Police or a campus safety officer

3) When reporting, be specific about the nature of the involved material and exact location. University Police will contact the necessary specialized authorities* and medical personnel.

*All laboratories will have a primary person responsible for that lab listed on the lab door. A list of those names for initial emergency contact will be kept at the SRU Police desk.

4.) The key person on site should evacuate the affected area at once and seal it off to prevent further contamination of other areas until the arrival of the University Police / Environmental Health & Safety Personnel.
5.) Anyone who may be contaminated is to avoid contact with others as much as possible, remain in the vicinity and give their names to the University Police. Required first aid and cleanup by specialized authorities should be started at once.
6.) When the building evacuation alarm is sounded, an emergency exists, walk quickly to the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.
7.) ASSIST THE DISABLED IN EXITING THE BUILDING! Remember, that the elevators are reserved for handicapped persons. However, do not use the elevators in case of FIRE, EARTHQUAKE, or BOMB THREAT. DO NOT PANIC.
8.) Once outside, move to the designated building mustering point (assembly area). From that point after a headcount you will be directed to the appropriate campus assembly point. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
9.) A Campus Emergency Site Coordination Post may be set up near the emergency site. Keep clear of the Coordination Post unless you have official business.
10.) DO NOT RETURN TO AN EVECUATED BUILDING until told to do so by a Slippery Rock University Police Officer.

After any evacuation all individuals shall report to the designated building mustering point. A head count will be taken by a designated University representative at that time. All individuals will then be directed to the designated campus assembly point. Stay at the building mustering point until an accurate HEADCOUNT is taken and you are directed to the campus wide mustering point.