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 Bomb Threat, Hostage Situation 



This hazard is not limited to major universities, or those located in major metropolitan areas, all Universities are subject to this type of hazard. The stress and frustration that can mount on an individual(s) in a college atmosphere are fertile grounds for the development of this type of hazard and should not be dismissed. The effect of this type of hazard has far more reaching effects on a smaller college or university than a larger one, simply for the closeness of the people in the community itself.

It is imperative that all faculty, staff, and students of SRU know how to respond to a bomb threat or hostage situation in the event one or both should occur. These procedures are designed to educate and train all faculty, staff, and students to respond calmly, quickly, and appropriately to the hazard.

The individual receiving the bomb threat is responsible for carefully recording the information and then immediately notifying their supervisor and the SRU Police Department.

1.) In the event of a call, obtain all the information possible from the caller. Be firm, calm, speak quietly and request the following information:
     1.) Record as much information as possible.
     2.) Request the name of the building where the threat is located.
     3.) Request the exact location of the device.
          A.) What floor?
          B.) What part of the building; north, south, etc.
          C.) Type of device.
          D.) Detonation time.
          E.) Description of the package (see note).
Important note:
It is crucial that you note the following information. These small details could very well be the ones that will save a life and bring a safe and successful conclusion to the hazard.
1.) Gender of caller.
2.) Accents.
3.) Background noise.
4.) Speech pattern.
5.) Time of call
6.) Age of caller.
4.) Advise the caller that the building is occupied by people and the
          detonation of a bomb could result in the death or serious injury to many
     5.) Call the Slippery Rock University Police at:

Campus phone:  ext. 3333
Public phone:  724-738-3333

Should the threat be determined credible and outside the resource capability of the University, the Slippery Rock Police Department will notify the Butler County EMA through the 911 call center. The 911 call center will ensure that the appropriate support agencies will be dispatched to assist the University with the hazard.

In the event of a hostage situation it is important that the University Police are quickly notified. Upon the receipt of notification, the following team will be assembled.
Slippery Rock University Police Chief
The Police Chief or a designated member of their staff will be responsible for serving as a liaison to the assisting Police Departments.
Director of Facilities and Planning
The Director of Facilities and Planning shall ensure that the Police Department(s) has access to accurate building plans or drawings.
Director of Human Resources
The Director of Human Resources shall be responsible for arranging counseling for the hostage(s) and affected faculty, staff, students, or rescue personnel.
The faculty, staff, or student who recognizes or is notified of a hostage situation will call the University Police at:

Campus phone:  ext. 3333
Public phone:  724-738-3333

Caller will need to provide the following information:
    • The caller’s name, location, and telephone number.
    • Number of persons being held hostage.
    • Location of the hostages.
    • Condition of the hostages.
    • Demands of the hostage takers.
    • Physical description of the hostage takers (sex, race, age, height, weight, 
       build, glasses, facial hair, hair color, hat, and clothing color and type), if 
    • Description of the hostage taker’s vehicle, if applicable.

1.) The Police dispatcher will initiate the Emergency notification procedure and make any additional calls as necessary.
2.) Faculty, staff, and/or students directly affected by the hostage situation should take their cue from the hostage takers. If the opportunity arises whereby escape can be accomplished without creating greater harm to themselves or others, then they should use their own discretion.

Slippery Rock University does not recommend, endorse, or imply that any hostage take matters onto their own that could endanger themselves or others. 

3.) Faculty, staff, and/or students who have escaped or are not affected should remain away from the location and out of sight of the hostage takers.
4.) The Slippery Rock University Police will establish an Emergency Site Command Post (ESCP). The Directors of Facilities and Planning and Human Resources will report to the ESCP to provide immediate information about the facility.
5.) The University Police Chief may request the assistance of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and its Hostage Crisis Team. Upon their arrival, the Pennsylvania State Police will in conjunction with the SRU Police Department resolve the situation. The SRU Police will then act in a supporting role to the PSP.
6.) The Director of Facilities and Planning will ensure the Police have accurate drawings or blueprints of the affected building(s).
7.) The Executive Director of Public Relations will provide the public notice as directed by the ECT.
8.) In coordination with the Commanding Police Department the University/designee/ or supervisor of the area affected will consider the following:
    • Evacuating the entire facility to assembly areas or an offsite location.
    • Conducting a media briefing offsite if the Commanding Police Department’s
       spokesperson cannot conduct one.
    • Providing a location for the families of the hostages to congregate for
9.) The Director of Human Resources will provide or arrange counseling for faculty, staff, students, and their families if needed.