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 SRU Interpretation of CDC Severity Index 



SRU Interpretation of CDC Severity Index
This document is based on the CDC Severity Index which is based upon illness severity and public health measures. This should not be confused with the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) Pandemic Alert Level which measures number of people affected. An easy way to remember the difference is CDC = How sick and WHO = How Many.

Category One
• University open – Classes in session
• Illness mild – Few people ill in region
• Preparedness planning stage, plans are reviewed and prepared for
• Educational outreach begins
• Self isolation of anyone ill
• Develop Evacuation Plans

Category Two (All of Category One actions plus)
• University open - classes in session
• Illness becoming more widespread – strongly encourage anyone who feels ill to
   stay home/residence hall
• Educational programs intensified - increased public disbursement of information to campus community
• Active review and dissemination of plan to all who must react
• Alert students to review evacuation plans – special attention to international
   students and faculty
• Social distancing is strongly recommended
• Consideration given to suspending large social gatherings

Category Three (All of Category One and Two actions plus)
• Possible short term cancellation of classes (one to three weeks, situation
• Illness widespread with increasing fatalities
• Maximize education and non-pharmaceutical measures
• Assure work place social distancing/teleconferencing/phone conference
• Social distancing required
• Cancellation of large public gathering/athletics
• Alert students to prepare for evacuation

Category Four (All of Category One/Two/Three plus)
• Classes are cancelled on site- students leave campus – SRU remains open
• Pandemic – illness and fatality rates at critical level
• Classes possibly remote, or continued via on-line teaching
• Modify workplace practices/work remotely whenever possible
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be implemented
• Mandatory quarantine of household members/roommates of ill person
• Anticipate large absences

Category Five
• SRU closed – Police/Heating Plant/Some Facilities staff report to work
• Campus evacuated
• Work remotely if possible