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 Campus Close-Down Definitions  



Critical Incident declaring a “Campus Shelter in Place”:
Any incident that significantly impairs the normal operations of the University and the campus community. The Emergency Event may have an impact requiring immediate action to be taken by the President or in extreme circumstances the SRU Police Department officer in charge to ensure that institutional operations are restored and a safe environment exists.

Emergency Management Administrative Team (EMAT):
Upon declaration of a Campus Emergency Event that results in a Campus SIP, members of the EMAT will assemble in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), located on the 3rd floor of the Police Headquarters. The group will consist of the President, Provost, Vice-President for Student Life, VP of Finance and Administration, VP of University Advancement, Asst. VP of Student Services (EAD), the Executive Director of Public Relations, Chief of Police, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, and other essential personnel as designated by the EMAT for the emergency event.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC):
The primary command center shall be at Police Headquarters, or any other locations that may be designated for such usage. These locations shall NOT be publicized to the general public or the news media.

Campus Shelter in Place (SIP):
This process shall require all university employees, students, and visitors to remain within the current building(s) and may close or deny entry to the campus by anyone other than emergency responders and essential personnel with appropriate credentials. During a SIP all students, faculty, staff and visitors must remain in the classrooms, offices, residential hall rooms, or areas they were at the time of the SIP, unless directed otherwise by the Incident Commander through emergency response personnel. If necessary, persons may be denied permission to enter the university proper or portions thereof.

Essential Staff Credentials
: An identification card (ID) issued by the Emergency Administrative Director (EAD) to pre-determined individuals who are permitted access to campus if an emergency event has precipitated a campus SIP and campus closure. A list shall be kept at Police Headquarters and sent to the Emergency Operations Center at the outset of the emergency event.

Critical Incident Media Site:
Once an Emergency Event has resulted in the declaration of a campus SIP, the Executive Director of Public Relations or her/his designee will determine an appropriate Media Site that will not interfere or potentially compromise the emergency operations, rescue efforts, or resulting investigations. It is recommended that the Executive Director of Public Relations consult with the Chief of Police/Designee to determine an appropriate media site. The media site shall stay activated for as long as determined by the Executive Director of Public Relations.

Parent Information Site:
Upon notification of an Emergency Incident Event that has declared a campus SIP, the Executive Director of Public Relations, or her/his designee, will determine a need for, and an appropriate location of a parent information site that will not interfere or compromise emergency operations. The Parent Information site will never be located in the same locale as the Media site; nor will the media be given access to the Parent Information Site without the express permission of the Incident Command Team.

Emergency Incident Activation that Requires a Campus SIP:
Any member of the Slippery Rock University community who becomes aware of a potential, or verified emergency event should contact the Slippery Rock University Police Department at extension 3333. The President/designee if not available, Chief of Police/ designee and/or the Director of Environmental Health and Safety/designee are the primary administrators charged with declaring a Shelter in Place in declaring a Campus SIP.
Upon notification of an emergency event declaring a Campus SIP, the SRUPD Emergency Communications Center will notify the following groups of people of that declaration:
    1. The President
    2. Members of the University Emergency Management Administrative Team
    3. Any additional essential personnel that may be needed to deal effectively
        with the event.
The notification will specify the location of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Emergency Event and the most appropriate route for safe ingress to report for Emergency Operations Response.