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 Communication and Warning  



NIMS Category:       LOGISTICS
Primary Agencies:  SRU Information Technology
                                SRU Police Department
Support Agencies:  Butler County Emergency Services / 9-1-1 Center

A. Purpose

Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 2 – Communications provides for SRU telecommunications resources and services necessary to support emergency response and recovery operations.
B. Scope
Communications support includes providing land-line, modem, cellular and radio assistance, or resources, for emergency response.

Potential Operations include:
•    Receiving and transmitting messages.
•    Issuing alerts and warning messages or notifications.
•    Ensuring technical support.
•    Ensuring equipment exists that enable functional communications systems.
•    Implementing lease agreements for commercial services or equipment.
•    Identifying sources that can render communications assistance from outside
      the affected area.

Situations & Assumptions
A. The SRU emergency management department maintains an open, reliable and redundant communication system.
B. The SRU Police Department monitors the national reporting services that provide information on weather conditions.
C. Butler County, via PEMA, has the ability to activate the Emergency Alert System for local, regional or countywide public announcements.

Concept of Operations
A. General
1.    An assessment of the SRU communications network will be conducted and the information analyzed to determine the condition of landline, cellular and electronic communications.
2.    University announcements, will be disseminated in the most appropriate and effective manner to reach the largest audiences, consistent with the technology or resources available for use.