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 Public Works and Engineering 



NIMS Category:       LOGISTICS
Primary Agency:     SRU Facilities & Planning
Support Agencies:  County Facilities Department

A. Purpose
Emergency Support Function (ESF) #3 – Public Works & Engineering provides technical advice and/or coordination for evaluation, engineering services, contracting for construction management and inspection; contracting for emergency repair of facilities and emergency power to assist SRU in damage mitigation and recovery activities following an emergency.
B. Scope
Public Works and Engineering support includes providing engineering, construction management, and building inspection services and providing contracting services.
Potential operations include: construction or restoration of buildings, repair or restoration of structures, repair or restoration of facilities, emergency demolitions or stabilization of facilities or structures, and assessment or inspection of damaged buildings and facilities.

Situations & Assumptions
A. The extent of the damage to the infrastructure of the affected area will influence the strategy for assessment and restoration operations.

Concept of Operations
A. General
1.    An assessment of the condition of the infrastructure will be conducted and the information analyzed to determine the need for immediate repair, restoration, or demolition of any structure or facility.