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 Fire Services 



NIMS Category:       OPERATIONS
Primary Agency:     Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Department Function
Support Agencies:  Butler County Emergency Services
                                County Fire Departments
                                Simplex Grinnell

A. Purpose
Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 4 – Firefighting, coordinates fire suppression resources and services necessary to support an emergency response, or recovery effort, or other disaster assistance initiative.
B. Scope
1.     Firefighting support entails managing firefighting activities in buildings, wild lands or forests and providing personnel, equipment and supplies for emergency response or assistance when such resources can be useful in urban firefighting operations.
2.     Potential Operations include:
   • Performing fire suppression operations
   • Providing water delivery capability
   • Providing supplemental resources
   • Conducting damage assessment
3.     The firefighting ESF team, or its individual members, may participate in debris management activities when appropriate. For more information on Debris Management please refer to the Debris Management Plan.

Situations & Assumptions
A.     University fire incidents typically can be managed by the Slippery Rock Fire Department; however, management support and resources are available for those instances in which either is necessary.
B.     After certain disaster events, University water systems may be inoperable or sufficiently damaged so that some conventional fire suppression techniques are severely challenged.
C.     The extent of damage to the transportation infrastructure after some disaster events will influence the firefighting strategy, as well as the ability of wheeled-vehicle firefighting apparatus to gain access to an active fire site.
D.     The ESF Team Leader, in conjunction with team members, may appoint a supplemental staff member as Resource Coordinator to coordinate the deployment of one or more resources.
E.     The resources of any particular department of agency may be under the command of an individual not associated with that department or agency.
F.     Support and assistance from outside the University can be obtained through Butler County Emergency Services or PEMA.

Concept of Operations
A. General
1.     An assessment of the regional transportation network will be obtained and the information analyzed to determine the feasibility of travel throughout the affected area.
2.     Information will be shared with municipalities to aid in the effort to regulate the use of firefighting resources in the affected area.
3.     Weather forecasting information will be obtained and disseminated to proper authorities.
4.     Resource needs and requests will be obtained from SRU departments and agencies, other ESFs and Butler county.
5.     Requests will be prioritized, and resources will be allocated and deployed in mission assignments.
6.     Missions will be tracked, and resources will be reassigned as they become available for subsequent uses.
7.     All team members will monitor activities and deployment to ensure the core duties of their organizations can continue to be performed.