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 Emergency Management 



NIMS Category:
Primary Agency:     SRU Emergency Management Administrative Team
Support Agencies:  Butler County Emergency Operations Center
                                Local Fire Departments

A. Purpose
Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 5 – Emergency Management coordinates the effort to collect, assemble, analyze, and disseminate information about an emergency and the necessary response and recovery operations, particularly to facilitate the provisions of disaster assistance.
B. Scope
1.     Emergency Management support includes collecting, processing and disseminating information to SRU officials involved in emergency response and recovery operations, as well as the Borough/Township and County governments when those representatives are involved in response and recovery activities.
2.     Potential Operations include:
   • Obtaining damage assessments from affected areas.
   • Gathering data and information and developing reports.
   • Collecting deployment information from ESF teams.
   • Producing status reports.
   • Creating strategic operations plans.

Situations & Assumptions
A.     The ESF Team will rely on local reports and damage assessments, as well as information from other ESF teams to develop a summary of events, damages and response operations. The fundamental information the ESF team will seek to gather includes:
   • Geographic boundaries of the affected area.
   • Social, physical, economic, and political impacts of the disaster.
   • Status of transportation systems in the affected area.
   • Status of communications in the affected area.
   • Access/entry points to the affected area.
   • Hazard – specific data and information regarding the disaster.
   • Current and forecast weather conditions for the affected area.
   • Status of critical facilities in the affected area.
   • Scope of emergency activation by SRU and local governments in the affected
   • Decisions regarding emergency declarations by appropriate jurisdictions.
   • Major concerns, activities, and deployments of all ESF teams.
   • Resource needs and unmet “service” needs.
   • Response and recovery priorities in specific areas.
B.     Documents developed by the ESF team will not be released to the public.

Concept of Operations
A. General

1. Data and information will be obtained from SRU departments and other ESFs, and the findings will be summarized in reports that discuss the event, damages and operations.