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 Logistics Management and Resource Support  



NIMS Category:       LOGISTICS
Primary Agency:     SRU Purchasing Office
Support Agencies:  Butler County Emergency Management Agency

A. Purpose
Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 7 – Logistics Management and Resource Support provides operational assistance / coordination of supplemental resources and performs logistical operations necessary to support an emergency response and recovery effort.
B. Scope
1.     Resource Support includes providing or obtaining goods or services and executing logistical or administrative activities for emergency response operations.
2.     Potential Operations include:
   • Procuring equipment or supplies.
   • Leasing temporary office space or mobile office units.
   • Performing printing of photographic reproduction services.
   • Initiating contracting agreements.

Situations & Assumptions
A.     Supplies and equipment will be provided from existing inventories whenever possible.
B.     Procurement will be conducted in accordance with State laws and regulations, including provisions for emergency procurement.

Concept of Operations
A. General

1.     Contracts with commercial vendors will be initiated to obtain supplies and equipment unavailable in existing inventories.