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 Public Health and Medical Services 



NIMS Category:       OPERATIONS
Primary Agency:     SRU Student Health Services
Support Agencies:  County Coroner
                                Borough Emergency Medical Services
                                Township Emergency Medical Services

A. Purpose
Emergency Support Function (ESF) # 8 – Health and Medical Services coordinates the provision of medical care and the dissemination of public health information necessary to support an emergency response or recovery effort.
B. Scope
1.     Health & Medical support includes coordinating health and medical professionals and their disposition of care and treatment, as well as managing medical supplies and resources.
2.     Potential operations include:
   • Identifying health hazards.
   • Disseminating public health information.
   • Conducting triage and providing treatment.
   • Importing medicines, medical professionals, or supplies into the affected
   • Offering Psychological First Aid.
   • Organizing disaster assistance teams.
   • Attending to victims rights issues.

Situations & Assumptions
A.     A disaster event may cause injuries to a considerable number of people, produce physical or biological health hazards throughout the affected area, and create widespread need for medical care or public health guidance.
B.     The extent of damage to medical, mental health, and outside care facilities within the affected area will influence the strategy and ability to coordinate care and provide appropriate treatment.
C.     General information only or aggregate data regarding patients will be provided to public information officials to share with the media.
D.     Medicines and supplies will be provided from existing inventories whenever possible.
E.     Procurement will be conducted in accordance with State laws and regulations, including provisions for emergency procurement.

Concept of Operations
A. General
1.     An assessment will be conducted to determine the supply of essential and appropriate medicines as well as the level of need.
2.     Assessments will be conducted to determine the threat posed by health hazards, and actions will be taken to eradicate such threats.