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 Evacuation Procedures 



1. Policy
It is the policy of Slippery Rock University, that in the event of an emergency, which would require the evacuation of an SRU building, the following procedures will be utilized to ensure all students and staff exit the building in a safe, orderly and expeditious manner.

2. Procedure
A. There are two (2) reasons that can require the evacuation of a building on the SRU campus or one of its off-campus facilities.
   1. An emergency situation that presents a serious threat of injury, or life to the
       students, staff, or visitors of SRU.
   2. A planned operation, or drill for training, or for administrative purposes. In 
       these cases, the Slippery Rock University President, or his designate, will be
       the authority to determine the time, date, and conditions for such an event.
                 i. Building Evacuation

A. Building evacuations will occur when a fire alarm sounds and/or upon notification by Slippery Rock University Police.
B. When the building evacuation alarm is activated, leave by the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.
C. Take all personal belongings with you upon evacuation.
D. ASSIST THE DISABLED IN EXITING THE BUILDING! Remember that elevators are reserved for disabled persons. In residence halls the elevators lock off when the alarm is activated.

Note: Do NOT use the elevators in cases of Fire, Earthquake, or Bomb Threat.   

E. Once outside, proceed to a pre-determined mustering point (clear area) that is at least 500 feet away from the affected building. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
F. DO NOT return to an evacuated building until told to do so by University Police.
IMPORTANT: After any evacuation, report to one of two (2) designated campus assembly points based on the emergency location/s AFTER you have been released from the individual buildings mustering point by the emergency coordinator at that site. The main assembly areas are as follows:
• Main Site: Morrow Field House
• Alternate Site: Weisenfluh Dining Hall
• Main Site: The University Union
• Alternate Site: N. Kerr Thompson Stadium
Stay there until an accurate headcount is taken. A University representative will take attendance and assist in accounting for all building occupants. Information and direction will be delivered about the incident, emergency, or disaster at that time.
            ii. Child Care Center Evacuation in the McKay Education Building
McKay Education building houses the SGA Child Care Center and therefore requires as many staff members as possible to respond. The children should be taken out of the building through the back door to the playground parking lot area.

It is important to keep the children together and to know the exact number of children present to be accounted for at all times. 

The Child Care Center professional staff will provide for the number of children present and assist with the evacuation process.
             iii. Campus Evacuation

A. The following procedures will be utilized in both instances of a planned, and/or emergency evacuation:
1) Evacuation of all or part of the campus grounds will be announced by the University Police and the Director of Environmental Health and Safety.
2) All persons (students and staff) are to immediately vacate the site in question and relocate to the designated building mustering point. At that time they will be directed to the appropriate campus assembly point(s).

B. Evacuation Completion
1) Upon the completion of the evacuation procedure, and depending upon the situation, a determination will be made in regard to re-occupying the affected building(s) on campus.