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 Procedure for the Notification to Family, Follow-up Call 



After the county coroner has contacted the family for death notification, SRU should make a follow-up call. In addition to stating your condolences on behalf of SRU, you should indicate the following points. Consider this call to have nine (9) parts as below, and re-write your script as necessary:

1) “We at Slippery Rock University are deeply sorrowed by this unfortunate tragedy.”
2) “While I recognize the tremendous shock and pain you must be feeling during this sad time, we need to request that you send your instructions and your wishes about the crucial and time sensitive repatriation arrangements, as well as the return of belongings to you.”
3) Inform that the medical facility where the student was taken, or “your government, via the embassy/consulate” will handle legal matters.
4) Mention the amounts of repatriation, and if available life insurance, coverage and provide information on how to access the policy.
5) Determine if the family will be coming to campus, and ask what type of assistance they may need if they opt to come. Let them know that you will have others assisting in this area as well.
6) Again, give them your name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address. Let them know the hours of operation of the University. Provide them with your home phone number, or that of someone in the office willing to serve as an evening contact.
7) Again, confirm their name, address, phone & fax numbers, and e-mail address, and next of kin.
8) Ask what they need at this time.
9) Advise them of what your next step and/or contact with them will be.

Be sure to take notes, including date, time, name of person you spoke with and other details, in all conversations with family.