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The Incident Specific Plans have been designed to address emergencies that could occur on the SRU campus or at any of SRU’s facilities. SRU and its operations are susceptible to emergencies such as natural disasters, severe weather, and man-made hazards. This section is to serve as a template for the many responses to the incidents, emergencies, or disasters that may occur at SRU.

The Incident Specific Plans contain information that may be vital during an emergency such as campus specific protocols for emergency communications and crisis response teams. The individual plans are intended to facilitate common understanding, provide useful tools, serve as a resource, and assist University personnel and professional emergency responders.

On all emergencies the e-2 Campus Alert Text Messaging System may be used to inform SRU subscribers of the emergency.

All personnel should become familiar with the contents of the Incident Specific Plans as they obtain to each individual’s location on campus, the roles, responsibilities, and functions outlined in the plans. It is imperative that individuals with designated leadership roles in times of emergencies know and understand their responsibilities.