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 Medical and First Aid 




On Campus Emergency call:

ext. 3333

Off Campus Emergency call:


Student Health Services call:

Campus phone ext. 2052    
Public phone 724-738-2052

1. If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, immediately dial the University Police at 3333. Give your name, describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the campus location of the victim.
2. Only certified/trained personnel* should perform the following steps:
   • Keep the victim still and comfortable. DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM
   • Ask victim, “Are you Okay?” and “What is wrong?”
   • Check breathing and assess the need for CPR and proceed as appropriate.
   • Control serious bleeding by direct pressure on the wound.
   • Continue to assist the victim until help arrives.
   • Look for emergency medical I.D., question witness(es) and give all 
      information to the paramedics.
3. First Aid and CPR training is available through the local American Red Cross or can be coordinated through the University’s Department of Environmental Health & Safety.
4. In case of minor injury or sudden onset of illness:
Student Health Services will provide assessment, first aid and referral to community providers for any student, employee, or guest on campus.

* Only trained personnel should provide first aid treatment (i.e.: first aid, CPR). 
* An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is available for use at the Aebersold Recreation Center (ARC), Student Health Services and with the University Police. The AED device is used to reestablish regular heart rhythm after it has become irregular.