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 On-Campus Resources 



The following is a list of the resources available to senior administrators and the EOC in the event of an emergency or disaster.

A. Facilities and Planning

Campus phone:  ext. 6666    
Public phone:  724-738-6666

Staff available include the following:
    6 Electricians
    8 Carpenters
    8 HVAC Mechanics
    8 Plumbers
    7 Equipment Operators
    9 Laborers
    37 Custodians
Equipment available includes the following:
    1 Backhoe                                            3 Portable generators
    2 Skid loaders                                      3 Portable compressors
    2 Compacting trash trucks                     1 Jackhammer
    1 Large dump truck/plow                      1 Welder
    2 Small dump trucks/1 with plow           1 Chop saw
    13 Pickup trucks/4 with plows                3 Portable pumps
    5 Box trucks                                         3 Kerosene heaters
    12 Passenger vans                               Chainsaws
    20 Trade vans                                     Numerous hand tools
    8 Tractors
    3 Golf carts
    1 Tow truck-light weight
    1 Boom truck
    1 12” flat bed trailer

B. Student Health Services

Campus phone ext. 2052    
Public phone 724-738-2052

Staff available includes the following:
    12 Registered nurses
    3 Nurse practitioners
    1 Physicians available upon request
    3 Clerical
Equipment available includes the following:
    5 Inpatient beds
        • Numerous pillows, blankets, sheets, towels
        • Medicine, medical supplies and equipment for non-life threatening urgent
           health issues.
    1 Van for transportation to health facility
    1 I.D. Card reader
        • Emergency lighting
        • Outside lines not connected to the SRU phone system

C. Food Services

Campus phone:  ext. 2840 
Public phone:  724-738-2840

    5-7 day food supply
        • Meal plan students
        • Emergency workers, etc.
        • 20 cases at 24 bottles per case
    Pastries, donuts, rolls – Baked on site if possible
    I.D.Card system

D. Housing

Campus phone:  ext. 2082  
Public phone:  724-738-2082

    Rooms to house:
        • Emergency workers
        • Staff who remain on campus, etc.

E. University Police

Campus phone:  ext. 3333  
Public phone:  724-738-3333

    16 Commissioned police officers
    1 Security officer
    Campus Incident Command Center
        • Independent phone line
        • Independent Network and Internet access
        • Independent cable TV access
    Trained staff in First Aid, CPR, Haz Mat
    3 Marked Police vehicles
Liaison with surrounding law enforcement and emergency agencies
        • Borough of Slippery Rock
    3 Officers
        • 911 Center Staff
        • BCEMA HazMat Team
        • Pennsylvania State Police
    Directory of current students
    Directory of current staff

F. Telecommunications

Campus phone:  ext. 2800
Public phone:  724-738-2800

    Laptop computers and printers
    Network and Internet access
    E-mail access
    Telephone communications
    Voice Mail access
    Campus cable television access

G. Computer Services

Campus phone:  ext. 2800
Public phone:  724-738-2800

    Schedule of class meetings in any building for any day/time period
    Listing of students by class
    Listing of students in residence halls or off-campus addresses
    Listing of faculty and staff by campus building or home address
    Mailing labels for students, faculty, and staff
    Listing of fixed assets by building

H. Morrow Field House

Campus phone:  ext. 2021
Public phone:  724-738-2021

    Locker rooms with showers.
    Sweatshirt/pants and other clothing available from the cage.