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 Plan Requirements, Development, Maintenance and Distribution 



A. Requirements

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services Code, 35 PA C.S. Sections 7701-7707, as amended, requires each publicly funded institution of Higher Learning to prepare, maintain and keep current an EOP.

B. Development and Maintenance Responsibilities

1. The University EMAT will coordinate development and maintenance of the plan. Plan components will be reviewed and updated consistently. Whenever portions of this plan are implemented in an emergency event or exercise, a review will be conducted to determine necessary changes.

 2. Distribution: This plan is a controlled document and is not considered to be available for public consumption. Distribution is based upon functional "need to know" basis. Copies of this plan are distributed according to an approved control list. A record of distribution, by copy number, is maintained on file by the EMAT. Controlled copies of revisions will be distributed to designated plan holders. Revisions or changes are documented by means of the "Record of Changes" details in the Revision policy. A receipt system will be used to verify the process. A detailed distribution list is presented in the introduction.