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 Psychological Emergency  



A psychological emergency exists when an individual’s behavior is inappropriate and/or out of control to the extent that they may be a danger to themselves or others.

If a psychological emergency occurs:
1. Never try to handle a situation you believe is dangerous without appropriately trained assistance.
2. Notify University Police of the situation at:

Campus phone:  ext. 3333  
Public phone:  724-738-3333

3. When contacting the University Police state the following:
   • Clearly state that you need IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.
   • Give your name.
   • Your location.
   • The area involved.
4. The SRU Student Health Services may be used as a waiting area for the
5. The Student Health Services staff are able to contact a mental health delegate
    after hours if deemed necessary.
6. The Counseling Center mental health professionals will be contacted by the
    Student Health Services or the University Police for any incident.