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A. Senior Administrators:
President, Provost, and Vice Presidents or Designee)
    1. Declarations of disaster/emergency if the situation warrants.

B. Emergency Administrative Director
    (Asst. Vice President for Student Services)
    1. Manages the overall University administrative response, manages NIMS
        compliance and support
    2. Works with the Emergency Operations Coordinator and others in assessing 
        the emergency and preparing the University’s specific response.
    3. Provides for CERT Communication and Coordination.
    4. Establishes the EOC.

C. University Chief of Police
    1. Coordinates the overall University emergency response.
    2. Determines the type and magnitude of the emergency and implements the
        appropriate emergency response.
    3. Initiates immediate contact with the Vice President of Student Life and
        University administration, and begins assessment of the University’s
    4. Notifies University Police, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and,
        if necessary, student aides in order to maintain safety and order.
    5. Notifies and conducts liaison activities with appropriate county and state
        organizations such as fire, police, state, and federal officials, etc.
    6. Obtains the assistance of utility companies as required for emergency
    7. Ensures that appropriate notification is made to off-campus staff when
    8. Performs other related duties as indicated by the campus emergency.

D. Emergency Management Advisory Board (EMAB)
    1. Provide subject matter expert advice and guidance in the development and 
        implementation of Emergency Management Planning for SRU.
    2. Provide subject matter advice on the development of an EMP for the
    3. Assist in the identification of hazards and vulnerabilities that may affect the
        University, and municipalities in coordination with the municipal EMAs.
    4. Assist in the identification of resources within Butler and adjoining counties
        that can be used to respond to a major emergency or disaster situation and
        requests needed resources from the various county, and Commonwealth
    5. Recommend the emergency response checklists appropriate for the
        emergency needs and resources of the SRU community.
    6. Recommend training programs for emergency policies and procedures for
        the emergency needs and resources of the community.
    7. Attend training and workshops provided by the county, state, and federal
        municipalities to maintain proficiency in emergency management and
        emergency response planning and procedures.

E. Director Environmental Health and Safety
    1. Provide direct assistance to the President or the Emergency Response
        Coordinator (Chief of Police) in the areas of damage assessment,
        communicating with needed resource providers, coordinating recovery and
        restoration strategies in affected areas.
    2. Identify spin-off hazards and vulnerabilities that may affect the University
        and its ability to effectively address the emergency or disaster.
    3. Coordinate with all responders to ensure that all personnel are equipped
        with the appropriate Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary and
        are following safe working procedures in accordance to all State and
        Federal guidelines.

F. Executive Director of University Public Relations
    1. Advises the President of all news reports concerning the emergency.
    2. Establishes liaison with the news media for dissemination of information as
        requested by the President.
    3. Establishes liaison with local radio and TV services for public information.
    4. Prepares news releases for approval and release to the media concerning
       the emergency.
    5. Establishes press conferences and news release information on a regularly
       scheduled basis during the emergency.
    6. Establishes a press center and briefing room for all media in the Multi-
       purpose room located in the University Union. If the Union is unavailable or
       involved in the emergency the briefing room shall be established in the
       auditorium located in the Strain Behavioral Science Building (BSB).
    7. Updates the status of the campus emergency on the SRU website under the
        emergency update section.
    8. Arranges for photographic and audio-visual services.