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A. Damage, Repair, and Control
(Director for Facilities and Planning)
    1. Provide equipment and personnel to perform shutdown procedures,
        hazardous area control, barricades, damage assessment, debris clearance,
        emergency repairs and equipment protection.
    2. Provide vehicles, equipment, and operators for movement of personnel and
        supplies, assigns vehicles as required.
    3. Furnish emergency power and lighting systems as required.
    4. Survey habitable space and relocates essential services and functions.
    5. Provide facilities for emergency generator fuel.
    6. Provide storage of vital records at an alternate site.
    7. Coordinate with building managers for liaison and necessary support.
    8. Work in conjunction with others in writing a report assessing the
        emergency and final outcome.

B. Housing
    (Director of Residence Life)
    1. Provide for relocation of students displaced from their living quarters by the
        emergency or disaster.
    2. Provide housing as needed for emergency workers who are required to
        remain on campus to provide assistance during the emergency or disaster.
    3. Develop and maintain a list of resources for tents and cots, etc. to erect a
        tent city for emergency personnel required to remain on campus to assist
        in the emergency or disaster, if needed. The tent city should be housed at
        either the intramural fields or soccer fields along with medical and 
        counseling facilities for emergency personnel as needed.

C. Food and Water
(Asst. to the Vice President for Student Life)
    1. Maintain an emergency inventory for a minimum of three days of food and 
        water for SRU resident students.
    2. Maintain a listing of food assets within the University and its suppliers.
    3. Coordinate the dissemination of information and supplies to the food
        community within the surrounding communities.
    4. Coordinate the distribution of food to emergency workers and emergency/
        disaster victims.
    5. Develop and maintain written agreements on emergency food and water
        delivery by the University’s suppliers. These agreements will call for a
        minimum of one (1) truckload each of individual bottles of drinking water,
        gallon size bottled water, and non-perishable foods. These are to be
        delivered to the University upon request by the University during an
        emergency or disaster.

D. Building/s with incident
    (Building Facility Manager)
    1. Provide assessment of all structural and non structural damage to the
    2. Coordinate emergency repairs to mitigate damage to the facility.
    3. Safely salvage all capital assets (files and equipment) and relocate to a
        safe location.
    4. Shut off all utilities to the facility.
    5. Assist with the furnishing of emergency power and utility service to facility
        as practical.
    6. Secure the facility as best as the emergency or disaster will allow.