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A. Emergency Operations
    (University Chief of Police)
B. Police / University Security
(University Police Asst. Chief)
    1. Ensure that the University Police are in an appropriate state of readiness.
    2. Notify the University Administration of emergencies or disasters.
    3. Take immediate and appropriate action to protect life, property, and to
        safeguard records.
    4. Coordinate security and law enforcement services.
    5. Establish security and protection of critical facilities, including the EOC.
    6. Coordinate traffic and access control in and around affected areas.
    7. Assist as appropriate with route alerting and notification of threatened
    8. Assist as appropriate with the evacuation of affected students, staff, or
        faculty, especially those who are immobilized or injured.
    9. Conduct training exercises (Table-top, advanced table-top, and controlled
        drills) for police force in emergency management techniques, policies and
C. Health Services
(Director of Student Health Services)
    1. Respond to the EOC or the field, as needed.
    2. Maintain a listing of hearing impaired, handicapped and special needs
        students, based upon input from the Office for Students with Disabilities.
    3. Coordinate medical activities within campus, including triage.
    4. Coordinate medical services as needed to support shelter operations.
    5. Communicate with Butler Memorial Hospital, Grove City Medical Center, and
        Jameson Health System for patient transfer and condition.
    6. Coordinate with Counseling Center as needed for support
D. Communications Services
(Assistant Vice President of Information Technology)
    1. Coordinate the University website to post updates regarding the campus 
        emergency or disaster.
    2. Coordinate staffing to complement all equipment utilized during the
        emergency or disaster.
    3. Arrange for separate lines of communication (computer, TV, and phone) to
        be fully operational at all times at the EOC. These lines of communication
        shall not be connected to, or in conjunction with, existing forms of
        communication on campus.
    4. Arrange for any additional communication equipment needed at the EOC.
    5. Coordinate SRU computer technicians in their effort to re-establish
        computer service on campus, if lost.