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 Substance Abuse 



The most important technique in approaching or dealing with an intoxicated person is to communicate your genuine concern for them and their safety. Attempt to determine what and how much the person drank, over what period of time it was consumed and when drinking ended. Consider possible involvement of drugs other than alcohol including prescription drugs and illicit substances. The Student Health Services staff is available 24 hours a day during the academic year and 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. during the summer. A Substance Abuse mental health professional is available through the Counseling Center for consultation. Contact the medical staff with questions at:

Campus phone ext. 2052    
Public phone 724-738-2052

1. An Emergency exists and Emergency Medical attention is immediately required if the person:
   • Is unable to stand or walk, or can do so only with difficulty.
   • Is only poorly aware of his/her surroundings.
   • Has difficulty breathing.
   • Is passed out.
   • Has fever or chills.
   • Has difficulty speaking or identifying him/herself.
   • Has an injury.
   • Is paranoid, confused or disoriented.
   • Is violent or threatening.
   • Appears to be a risk to him/herself or others.
   • Is obnoxious and unruly.
   • Is reported to have consumed a large quantity of alcohol, or “chugged”, or
      ingested other sedating or tranquilizing drugs within the last 30 minutes.
   • Is vomiting.
2. A Non-Emergency situation exists and the person can be cared for by a friend if the person:
   • Is conscious, alert and appears to understand the risks of the situation.
   • Can state his/her name, class and address.
   • Is able to stand or walk without assistance, even though speech may be
   • Is accompanied by someone who understands and accepts the responsibility
      regarding the care of an intoxicated person.

IMPORTANT: If there is any doubt of the person’s condition contact the Student Health Services for advice at:

Campus phone ext. 2052    
Public phone 724-738-2052