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 University Notification System  



The telephone, Internet, and e-2 Campus Alert System, and Metis Emergency Alert System in academic buildings mounted on walls and providing two way communications are the primary systems of emergency notification at SRU. These systems are intended for the immediate transmission of specific information regarding an emergency to all affected areas of the campus and for the awareness of the campus community.

A. University Police
The University Police Department is the focal point for two-way transmission of official emergency telephone communications to university administrators. Senior administrators also may have two-way communication devices and can be reached via that system. Each university administrator, upon receiving notification of a campus emergency, is to pass the same information along to those departments/offices under his/her direction.
The police officers on duty will notify the Chief of Police of any campus incident, emergency, or disaster who will initiate University notifications.

B. Sources of Assistance

A. University Police
University Police Emergency from an ON-CAMPUS phone

ext. 3333

Uniformed University Police officers are on duty twenty-four hours per day. Additionally, help is readily available from the Slippery Rock Borough Police Department and the Pennsylvania State Police who can be reached via:


B. Blue Light Emergency Phones

Push Button to Activate

Push button to activate communication with University Police desk
personnel (blue strobe light will also come on). For a map and listing of blue
phone locations see Blue Light Locator Map in the Appendices.

C. Student Health Services
Student Health Services from an ON-CAMPUS phone:

ext. 2052

Student Health Services is located on the first (1st) floor of Rhoads Hall and is
open 24 hours per day when school is in session. Urgent care is available
including epinephrine for allergic reactions and CPR/AED.

D. Facilities and Planning: Trouble/Service
Facilities and Planning from an ON-CAMPUS phone via University Police:

ext. 3333  
Off Campus – (724) 738-3333

Skilled workers are available from Facilities and Planning at all times during
normal working hours and on short notice at other times. They are capable of
providing the following emergency services:
UTILITIES: Repairs to water, gas, electric and sewage systems.
STRUCTURES: Repairs to structures and mechanical equipment therein,
including heating and cooling systems.
EQUIPMENT: Portable pumps, generators, floodlights, welders, air
compressors, tractors, backhoes, forklifts, etc.
TRANSPORTATION: Sedans, light trucks, dump trucks and tractors.
EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN ASSISTANCE: In the event of a natural disaster, in which major structural damage is sustained, it is advisable to turn off hazardous utilities. Electricity and natural gas are of primary concern. If you need help, notify Facilities and Planning who can assist the shut down process.

E. Purchasing Department
Purchasing Department from an ON-CAMPUS phone:

ext. 2079

Emergency procurement of materials and services can be arranged in direct support of any contingency.

F. Receiving (located near the Facilities and Planning Department)
Maintain an inventory of supplies which can be accessed during an emergency.

If you are involved in an emergency or disaster at an off-campus site or on a SRU sponsored trip, the following procedures should be followed in order.
     1. Dial 911 – Inform the operator of the emergency or contact local police 
         or fire emergency personnel.
     2. Contact SRU Police at  724-738-3333 . Inform University Police of the