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 Recent Publications 




  Recent Publications

Anning, Jonathan H. (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences) (2012) “Chapter 5: Aerobic Power.” In Todd Miller (ed.), NSCA’s Guide to Tests and Assessments. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2012.

Barta-Smith, Nancy and Danette Dimarco (Department of English) (2012) Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on Tales Retold. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. November 1, 2012.

Beeching, S.C. (Department of Biology), B.A. Brock (former SRU undergraduate student), and Rehorek, SJ (Department of Biology) (2013) “Histology of melanic flank and opercular color pattern elements in the firemouth cichlid, Thorichthys meeki,” Journal of Morphology, DOI: 10.1002/jmor.20131, published online: 28 FEB 2013. (Abstract)

Billek-Sawhney B (School of Physical Therapy)
, Reicherter EA, Yatta BS, Duranko SG (2012) “Health Literacy: Physical Therapists’ Perspective,” The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. April 2012. 10 (2).

Blaker, Shari, Patrick Gaughran, Paul Baldauf, Eric Householder, Patrick Burkhart (Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment) (2012) “GIS Applications in Landslide Harzard Mapping, Badlands National Park, South Dakota,” Geological Society of America (GSA) Abstracts with Programs, 44 (7), 259. The paper was presented at 2012 GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte.

Bouchat, Rachelle R. (Department of Mathematics),
Huy Tíi Hí , and Augustine OKeefe (2011) “Corrigendum: Corrigendum to ‘Path ideals of rooted trees and their graded Betti numbers’," Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A archive, 119 (7), 1610-1611.

Brewer, Hannah J. (Department of Physical Education),
Keri S. Kulik, Linda Klingaman, Sharon Deutschlander, Christine Black (2012)Teenagers' Use of Tobacco and Their Perceptions of Tobacco Control Initiatives,” Journal of Drug Education, 42 (3), 2012, 255 – 266.

Champion, David (Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice) (2011) 

  • “Police consolidation and organizational considerations: A brief review”, Leadership and Organizational Management Journal, 2011 (4). Retrieved from
  • “An Integral model of criminality: Aspects of criminal behavior”, Insights to a Changing World Journal, 2011 (4), 23-39. Retrieved from 
  • “White-collar crimes and organizational offending: An Integral approach," International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology, 1 (3), 34-45. Retrieved from
  • “Criminal Entitlement and Acceptance of Interpersonal Violence”, The Insights to a Changing World Journal, 2011 (4), 103-120. Retrieved from    

Champion, David (Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice) and Warren Wylupski (2012) “Influence of Professional Status on the Quality of Police Service," International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 2 (13), 309-318.

Cherkasova, Evgenia, Richard Findler (Department of Philosophy)
(2012)Dostoevsky and Kant: Dialogues on Ethics,” The European Legacy, 17 (7), 963-954.

Chmielewski, J. G. (Department of Biology)
(2012) “Noteworthy Collections: Pennsylvania,” Castanea: June 2012, 77 (2), 179-180.

Chmielewski, J.G.
(Department of Biology) and D. M. Krayesky (Department of Biology)

  • (2012) New Pennsylvania County Occurrences for Hibiscus moscheutos, Robinia hispida,Bellis perennis, Heracleum maximum, and Lamium maculatum,” Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 6(2): 707-710.
  • (2013) General Botany Laboratory Manual. Publisher: AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN. 283 pp.

Cornelius, M.D., N. DeGenna, S. L. Leech, J. A. Willford (Department of Psychology), L. Goldschmidt, N. L. Day (2011) “Effects of Prenatal Cigarette Smoke Exposure on Neurobehavioral Outcomes in Ten-Year-Old Children of Teenage Mother," Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 33(1): 137-144.

Covey, William (Department of English)     

  • (2009) Book Review. PUZZLE FILMS: COMPLEX STORYTELLING IN CONTEMPORARY CINEMA. Warren Buckland, Ed. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. STYLE 45.3 (Fall 2011): 554-558.     
  • (2011) "Peres Fatales: Character and Style in Postmodern Neo-Noir," QUARTERLY REVIEW OF FILM AND VIDEO 28.1 (2011): 41-52.
  • (2011) Book Review. COMEDY INCARNATE: BUSTER KEATON, PHYSICAL HUMOR AND BODILY COPING. Noel Carroll. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009. HUMOR: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMOR RESEARCH 24.1 (2011): 113-119.
  • (2012) "John Huston." FILM NOIR: THE DIRECTORS. Eds. Alain Silver and James Ursini. New York: Limelight Editions, 2012: 140-147. 

Coward, Fanni L. and Stacy A. Jacob (Department of Counseling and Development) (2012) “Research Writing Teams as a Form of Mentoring for Graduate Students,” in Susan D. Myers and Connie W. Anderson (eds), Dimensions in Mentoring, 167-179.

Cui, Annie Peng, Theresa A. Wajda (School of Business), Michael Y. Hu (2012) "Consumer animosity and product choice: might price make a difference?" Journal of Consumer Marketing, 29 (7), 494 – 506.

Cummings, J. R. (former SRU undergraduate student),
M. N. Muchlinski, E.C. Kirk, S. J. Rehorek (Department of Biology),V. B. DeLeon, et al.
(2012)Eye Size at Birth in Prosimian Primates: Life History Correlates and Growth Patterns,” PLoS ONE 7(5): e36097. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0036097. (Abstract)

Dailey, David (Department of Computer Science)
(2012) “Aesthetic and Practical Concerns in the Drawing of Euler and Venn Diagrams: Case Studies using SVG”, 3rd International Workshop on Euler Diagrams, July 2, 2012, pg 77-91.

DeNicola, D. M. (Department of Biology),
L. Layton (former SRU student), and T. R. Czapski (former SRU student) (2012) “Epilithic community metabolism as an indicator of impact and recovery in streams affected by acid mine drainage,” Environmental Management 50:1035-1046 (Abstract)

Forrest, Kimberly Y. Z. (Public Health and Social Work Program),
Clareann H. Bunker, Yahtyng Sheu, Victor W. Wheeler, Alan L. Patrick and Joseph M. Zmuda (2012) “Patterns and correlates of grip strength change with age in Afro-Caribbean men,” Age Ageing, March 29, 2012, 41 (3), 326-332.

Frederick, Heather (Department of Political Science)
(2012) “Reforming the Presidential Primary System: The Voter Turnout Initiative,” Political Science and Politics, January 2012, 45(1), 51-57.

Fredericq, S.,and W. E. Schmidt (Department of Biology), D. Gabriel, T. Sauvage, and D. M. Krayesky (Department of Biology) (2012) “Characterization of rhodolith beds in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico before and after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill,” IV International Rhodolith Workshop; 17-21 September 2012; pg.28.

Fruehstorfer,David B., Linda Veronie (Department of Psychology), Julie K. Cremeans-Smith, Benjamin H. Newberry (2012) “Predicting Illness-Related Outcomes with FCB-TI Trait Pairs,” Journal of Individual Differences, 33 (4), 248- 256,

Galbraith, Diane D. and Fred L. Webb (School of Business)
(2013) “Teams That Work: Preparing Student Teams For The Workplace,”
American Journal of Business Education. Vol. (6) 2, 223-234.

Goldschmidt, L., G. Richardson, J. A. Willford (Department of Psychology), G. Richardson, S. G. Severtson, N. L. Day (2012) “School achievement in 14-year-old youths exposed prenatally to marijuana,” Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 34(1):161-67.

Gönül, F. F. (School of Business)

  •  “How to Make Help Desks More Efficient: Evidence from a Help Desk Database” (April 21, 2012). Online Publication, Available at Social Science Research Network: or   
  • Why Do Marketers Want Your Information? A Counterview Through the Sustainability Argument” (May 1, 2012). Online Publication, Available at Social Science Research Network: or

Gönül, F. F. and R. A. Solano (School of Business) (2013), “Innovative Teaching: An Empirical Study of Computer-Aided Instruction in Quantitative Business Courses,” Journal of Statistics Education, 21 (1).

Hahna, Nicole (Music Therapy Program)
(2012) “Embracing Feminisms in Music Therapy,” in Kenneth E. Bruscia’s Readings on Music Therapy Theory (Barcelona Publishers, 2012).

Hahna, Nicole D., Susan Hadley (Music Therapy Program), Vern H. Miller, Michelle Bonaventura (2012) “Music technology usage in music therapy: A survey of practice,” The Arts in Psychotherapy, 39 (5), November 2012, 456–464.

Harrington, Maria C.R. (Department of Computer Science) (2011) 

  •  “Virtual Environments, Immersive Learning Simulations, and Serious Games as New Instructional Technology for Information Systems Students,” The Proceedings of ISECON November 3-6, 201.
  •  “The Virtual Trillium Trail and the Empirical Effects of Freedom and Fidelity on Discovery-Based Learning,” Virtual Reality, online March 16, 2011, Springer Publication.

Hathaway, J.T. (Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment) (2012)

  • “Geographical Dynamics of Environmental Service Firms at Metropolitan and National Scales in the United States: The Case of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” in Urbani Issiv  (“Urban Challenge”—published in Slovenian and English), 23, supplement 2: 107-16.
  • “Benchmarking Local Food Systems in Old Industrial Regions,” in Local Food Systems in Old Industrial Regions: Concepts, Spatial Context and Local Practices, eds. Jay D. Gatrell, Neil Reid, and Paula Ross. Farnham, Surrey, UK: Ashgate, pp. 93-114

Holmstrup, ME (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences), TJ Fairchild, S Keslacy, RS Weinstock, JA Kanaley (2013) “Satiety, but not Total PYY, is Increased with Continuous and Intermittent Exercise”, Obesity. Online, 18 FEB 2013 (Abstract)

Holmstrup, ME (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences),
KS Bruening, J Rozelle (2013) “Quantifying Accurate Calorie Estimation using the 'Think Aloud' Method”, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 45(1): 77-81; 2013. (Abstract)

Hrizo, Stacy L. (Department of Biology), Isaac J. Fisher, Daniel R. Long, Joshua A. Hutton (Department of Biology, majors), Zhaohui Liu, Michael J. Palladino (2013) “Early mitochondrial dysfunction leads to altered redox chemistry underlying pathogenesis of TPI deficiency,” Neurobiology of Disease, 54 (2013), 289-296. (Abstract)

Hulick, Frank and Maria Harrington (Department of Computer Science)
(2011) “The Value of Internships in the Information Systems Curriculum: A Case Study,” The Proceedings of ISECON November 3-6, 2011.

Hydock, D.S., C. Y. Lien, B. T. Jensen (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences), C. M. Schneider, and R. Hayward  (2011)

  • “Characterization of the effect of in vivo Doxorubicin treatment on skeletal muscle function in the rat,” Anticancer Research, 6: 2023-2028. 
  • “Exercise preconditioning provides long-term protection against early chronic doxorubicin cardiotoxicity,” Integrative Cancer Therapy, 1: 47-57.

Hydock, D.S., T. L. Parry, B. T. Jensen(Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences), C. Y. Lien, C. M. Schneider, and R. Hayward R (2011) “Effects of endurance training on combined goserelin acetate and doxorubicin treatment-induced cardiac dysfunction,” Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, 68(3):685-92.

Hydock, D. S., C. Y. Lien, B. T. Jensen (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences), T. L. Parry, C. M. Schneider, and R. Hayward (2012) “Utilization of rehabilitative exercise in a rat model of doxorubicin cardiotoxicity,” Experimental Biology and Medicine, 237(12):1483-92.

Hydock, D. S., U. T. Iwaniec, R. T. Turner, C. Y. Lien, B. T. Jensen (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences), and R. Hayward (2012) “Voluntary wheel running in growing rats does not protect against doxorubicin-induced osteopenia,” Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, 2012.

Hydock, David S, Chia-Ying Lien, B. T. Jensen (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences), Traci L Parry, Carole M Schneider and Reid Hayward (2012) “Rehabilitative exercise in a rat model of doxorubicin cardiotoxicity,” Experimental Biology and Medicine, the Royal Society of Medicine Journals, December 2012, 237 (12), 1483-1492.

Hayward, R., C. Y. Lien, B. T. Jensen (Department of Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences)
, D. S. Hydock, and C. M. Schneider (2012) “Exercise training mitigates anthracycline-induced chronic cardiotoxicity in a juvenile rat model,” Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 59(1):149-54.

Henry, Gary T., David C. Kershaw (Department of Political Science), Rebecca A. Zulli, Adrienne A. Smith (2012) “Incorporating Teacher Effectiveness Into Teacher Preparation Program Evaluation,” Journal of Teacher Education, November/December 2012, 63 (5), 335-355.

Ijose, Olumide,
Iossifova, Albena (School of Business) (2011) “National culture and the adoption of organizational practices: evidence from a global company’s call centers in two market economies,” Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies, 6, November 2011,  1-11.

Iossifova, Albena (School of Business), Susan Meyer-Goldstein (2012) “Impact of standards adoption on healthcare transaction performance: The case of HIPAA,” International Journal of Production Economics, 141 (1), January 2013, 277-285.

Jacob, Stacy A. (Department of Counseling and Development) and Paige Furgerson (2012) “Writing Interview Protocols and Conducting Interviews: Tips for Students New to the Field of Qualitative Research,” The Qualitative Report, 17, T&L Art. 6, 1-10.

Jacob, Stacy A. (Department of Counseling and Development)
and Debra S. Gentry (2012) “Walking Into Fire,” in Susan D. Myers and Connie W. Anderson (eds), Dimensions in Mentoring, 219-228.

Jenny, Fred and Geraldine Jenny (Department of Elementary Education and Early Childhood)
(2012) “e-Readers Revisited,” 2012 ASCUE Proceedings, 45th Annual Conference Juen 10-14, 2012, 125.

Keener, Emily (Department of Psychology)
(2012) “Book Review: The Truth About Girls and Boys: Challenging Toxic Stereotypes About Our Children,” Psychology of Women Quarterly, September 2012, 36 (3), 382-383.

Keener, Emily (Department of Psychology), Strough, J., & DiDonato, L. (2012) "Gender differences and similarities in strategies for managing conflict with friends and romantic partners," Sex Roles, 67 (1-2), 83-97.

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Kreiser, Christopher (Department of English) (2012) "Good Fortune and Syntax Will Follow You Always:  Analyzing Syntax and Learning to Revise with the Fortune Cookie Game," Teaching English in the Two-year College, 39 (4).  

Kuhr, Megan (Department of Philosophy) (2011) “Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Problem of Evil,” Janua Sophia: An Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, Volume XIII, 2011. 

Kush, Jason (Department of Music) (2012)  

  • “Agnes McConaughy: A Musical Marvel,” International Musician, 110 (1);
  • “A Saxophone Lesson with Jason Kush,” The Saxophone Journal, March/April 2012, 36 (4).

Larson, Stephen (Department of Computer Science) (2012) “Evaluating skill predictors in software proficiency,”  Proceedings of Pennsylvania Assn of Computer and Information Science Educators (PACISE), Mar 30-21, 2012 at Millersville University, p. 35.   

Larson, Stephen (Department of Computer Science)
and Maria C. R. Harrington (2012) “A Survey of ABET Accredited Information Systems Undergraduate Programs in the USA,”
2012 Proceedings of the Information Systems Educators Conference; ISSN: 2167-1435; v29 n1961; ©2012 EDSIG (Education Special Interest Group of the AITP); Page1
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(2012) “What is the Accounting Profession’s Role in Accountability of Economic, Social, and Environmental Issues?” International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3 (15), August 2012, 13-19.

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Strickland, Emily, Corey DeSantis, and Courtney Moats (Department of Communication, majors)
(2012) were accompanied by faculty in the Communication Department to attend and present on a panel “To Be or Not to Be” at the New York State Communication Association Conference in Ellenville, NY on October 19, 2012 through October 21, 2012. 

Strickland, James (Department of English) (2012) (Re-print) the article titled “Just the FAQs:  An Alternative to Teaching the Research Paper” was included in the forum “An English Journal  Article That Made a Difference” as part of the 100th year anniversary issue.  It was originally published in 2004 and chosen by Mary Buckelew of West Chester University.

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