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 Recent Research Activities 




  Recent Research Activities

Brown, George, Daniel McIntosh and 13 SRU students (Department of Political Science) (2012) attended the 27th Annual International Model North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Washington, D.C., February 15-19, 2012. The student delegations represented three countries; Norway, Slovakia, and Denmark in a simulated NATO conference.  The students won two awards. 

Campbell, Kaitlyn (Department of Political Science, major) (2011) has been accepted to participate in NEW Leadership(tm) Pennsylvania.  The program is sponsored by The Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics (PCWP) at Chatham University, June 5-11, 2011.

Fergany, Adel  (Department of Computer Science) (2012) was awarded the FPDC Collaborative Academic Grant (CAG) Proposal Review Committee selected his proposal, “Designing and Deploying Novel Online Shared Computer Programming Modules,” for 2012-13 Collaborative Academic Grant funding. The amount of the award is $11,998.00 and is effective immediately.

Harry, Joseph (Department of Communication) (2012) participated in the Newsplex Teaching and Research in Convergent Media in Columbia, South Carolina on June 17-23, 2012. The Research was held at Columbia University.

Harrington, Maria (Department of Computer Science) (2012) received the Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) Collaborative Academic Grant (CAG) based on the selection of her proposal, “Investigation and Evaluation of Virtual Worlds, 3D Environments, and Simulations for Alternative Learning, Collaboration, Co-creating, and Decision Formats: The Virtual SRU Campus Modeled in Google Earth and Second Life for a Course on Sustainable Entrepreneurship,” for 2012-13 Collaborative Academic Grant funding. The amount of the award is $ 12,000.00 and is effective immediately.

Macmillan, Sean (Department of Art) (2012), conducted a two day Visiting Artist workshop which included demonstrations of hammer-forming and TIG welding, individual student critiques, and an artist’s lecture at Grand Valley State University, Michigan.

Messner, Kyle, Chris Spack, and Michael Tasota (Department of Computer Science, majors) (2012) took 2nd place in state programming contest in Millersville PA March 31st at PACISE 2012.

Schnupp, Rebecca and Sarah Kuehn (Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice) (2013) received the SRU Faculty and Student Research Grant, 2013, for their research project, titled "Inside the Black Box of A Drug Treatment Court in Western Pennsylvania". Together with their two undergraduate students, Heather Birchfield and Ashley Swezey, they are examining the effectiveness of the Butler County Drug Treatment Court (DTC), which seeks to break the cycle of addiction and substance abuse related re-offending. In addition to analyzing archival data of the DTC participants, the research team is conducting surveys and in-depth interviews with participants to gain more insight into how they perceive the court and its functioning as it relates to their own successes and failures in the DTC program.

Smith, Kelly (Department of Computer Science, major) (2012) took first place in the 2012 International SIGCSE (Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education) Undergraduate Research Competition. This competition is part of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) student research competition (src) sponsored by Microsoft Research.

Utsch, Glenn (Department of Music) conducted research at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England, and at the Sibley Music Library at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.  As a culmination of his sabbatical research, Dr. Utsch is performing a faculty piano recital at SRU on September

White, Frederick (Department of English) (2012) presented the following lectures as part of a Fulbright-Hays Grant during spring break:   1.  “Native American Literature: Unvanishing Native Americans” Presentation at the American Corner Bihac, National and University Library.  2.  Native Literature: Silko’s "The Man to send rainclouds" English Access class in Medresa "Dzemaluddin Causevic” Hasana Mujezinovica b.b. ,77 220 Cazin.  3.  “Origin Story of the Acoma” Bihac University: Faculty of Pedagogy Lecture at the English language department/American studies.  4.  “Stereotypes and Textual Influences in Native American Literature” Lecture for the American Studies students, Banja Luka University.  5.  “Native American Songs:  Revisiting Haida Cradle Song #67” Lecture at the Banja Luka National and University Library.  6.  “Native American Oral History and Literature:  Native Orature” Workshop at the American Corner, Sarajevo City Library.  7.  “Southwest Alaskan and Northwest British Columbian Coastal Mythology: Origin of Light” Lecture at the East Sarajevo University, Faculty of Philosophy.  8.  “Haida poetry” Workshop at the American Corner Zenica, Public Library Zenica.  9.  ”Haida cultural renewal“ Lecture at the Pedagogical Faculty University of Zenica.  10.  “Taboo in Native American Literature: The Haida Girl and the Bear” Lecture on Native American Culture and Civilization University of Tuzla, Faculty of Philosophy.  11.  “Taboo in the Haida Myth of the Gold Spruce Tree” Workshop at the American Corner Tuzla, National and University Library “Dervis Susic.”  Bosnia, Africa, March 2012. 

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